Various Xbox Live Arcade Games 50% off (DotW) @ Xbox Live Marketplace

Various Xbox Live Arcade Games 50% off (DotW) @ Xbox Live Marketplace

Found 29th Mar 2011Made hot 29th Mar 2011
This week's Deal of the Week has three different XBLA games on sale for 400 points, for Xbox Live Gold members only.

World of Keflings
Worms 2: Armageddon

The DLC pack for Worms 2 is also availible at 50% off for just 200 points. Worms 2 has been on sale a few times previously but this is the first reduction for the other two and they are fairly recent releases, coming out around Christmas time last year.

Also, there is a seperate sale which is good for both Gold and Free (aka Silver) members which apparently runs till this Friday when there will be further items reduced for 1 day only. I've made a seperate deal for it here:…895


Sweet, been waiting on Raskulls to drop!

I'll grab Worms 2 + DLC whilst it's cheap to!

Hot hot hot!

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Apparently the deal I made for the big marketplace sale has been marked as spam. I can't be bothered to do it again so this site has all the info for that one:…tml

All sorts of content on sale: arcade games, DLC and avatar stuff.


Cant download (unlock) World of Keflings. Its not there, only the trial (which I already have) is there. Annoying as I wanted this one!

EDIT - Hmmm...are you sure you dont mean Kingdom For Keflings which is at 400 Points? -…rch

EDIT 2 - Now showing - as GOLD MEMBERS EXCLUSIVE -…ngs

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Cheers. Heat added. Gone for:

World of Keflings
Worms 2: Armageddon

Thanks for the head up, been waiting for Costume Quest to drop for a while.

awesome find! gotta get raskulls

gonna get world of keflings as i suprisingly liked the first one (i dont usually play those games).
ill get the raskulls trial too - got over 3800 points to use.

ive got to stop neglecting my xbox 360 - i went from playing every day without fail for months, but over the past year ive probably played it a dozen times.
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