Varouis DVD's Now Half price at Argos INSTORE

Varouis DVD's Now Half price at Argos INSTORE

Found 1st Aug 2010
Went into Argos Ormskirk and they had dvds reduced to 50% off marked price.

I got Candyman for £1.50
Also Role Models for £2.00
and Lover atucally for £2.00

some bargins to be had




That settles it....

"Lover Atucally" it is then!



That settles it...."Lover Atucally" it is then!LOL!

and on the basis on her spelling mistake were you the cold voter???

Thanks Becky - voted hot

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Lmao hiya bossy =] hows you hehe x


Lmao hiya bossy =] hows you hehe x

am great thanks Becky - u have got to laugh havent you with the reasons why people vote cold!!!

Candyman is the only horror that made me physically sick hahaha! It was years ago and I was eating a huge massive slice of Death by Chocolate but my nerves were shattered with that film looooooooooooool and remember running to the bathroom!!!

Role Models - I loved that movie!! great find - enjoy your movies!
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Lmao Well its my mums birthday in a few weeks so i thought i would chuck it in as one of the gifts haha i have never seen it but as a girl who gets scared by the ring i dont think i should haha =] x I am gnna watch role models tonight haha looked funny xxxxx

take care x

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why is it -? x
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