VAT stripped at Figleaves (17.5% off everything!!) Plus codes?? AND Cashback?
VAT stripped at Figleaves (17.5% off everything!!) Plus codes?? AND Cashback?

VAT stripped at Figleaves (17.5% off everything!!) Plus codes?? AND Cashback?

As above!! Hope someone finds useful. Unsure if codes are working with promotion yet!


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3 for 2 on mens cavin kleins at the mo too:thumbsup:


Ive just used the £10 off £30 spend, plus the 20% off in addition to the 17.5% so saved a bundle many thanx !!!! Oops and free delivery code too

Should of said YES the voucher seem to work, ive gone through the checkout.. dont for another 2% with quidco.... haha laughing all the way to the bank lol

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oh really? do u enter ur payment details then get the discount? x

No the discount comes first.. go and see yourself. You dont add your payment details till the last stage. You can just test this out without even logging in. Remember to clear your cookies before you re-enter the site if you want quidco.

Just tried this to get a Christmas Pressie for Mrs Mike and it seems to give 17.5% OR 20% with the voucher, not both, maybe they've cottoned on.

Also, I'm sure Quidco was about 10% when I was looking the other night (purely in the interest of buying a present I might add).

I used the 20% off code, then the £10 voucher then an xmasoffer code which gave me £17.40 off a £37 order. (added them in that order) Paid £19.60 with free postage.

I'm new and am not sure whether a) the xmas code voucher is already on here :oops: and b) how I add it if it isn't :oops::oops:. It got me another £1.60 off my order... and cashback too. :-D

hit and miss with the vouches managed to get the discount plus £10 off and free delivery, hot hot hot

Is the vat 17.5% discount automatically applied? I have used the calvin klein code to get 3 for 2, the £10 off and free delivery. I can't use the 20% off as i have already used the CK code, but i can't see where the VAT discount is?

I found the xmasoffer code on here, it seems you should be spending a minimum of £50 to get anything off your order using this code so it would seem this is a glitch because before discount my order was £37.

20% off code, then voucher code, then xmas offer will work at the mo.

when I tried using a 20% off code in addition to the VAT discount, I only got the 20% off

it just put the price back up to full price and took the 20% off that, effectively replacing the VAT discount with the 20%
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