Vauxhall Astra 1.4i 16V SRi 5dr £18408.00 @ evanshalshaw

Vauxhall Astra 1.4i 16V SRi 5dr £18408.00 @ evanshalshaw

Found 19th Jan 2016
New Model! Only £98 Per Month on Personal Contract Purchase after £2,500 Scrappage Allowance
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don't forget the £4,000 deposit!
As above - making it a terrible deal ,in fact not a deal at all (_;)
18.5k for an astra...bad times we live in
that car is an easy 6000 too expensive
Not a Dacia Sandero for £5k so cold.
18k for a 1.4 Astra oO There is a very long list of cars I would rather have at that price.
is the £10k extra the cost for taking it out on P.C.P.!!!
Technically though anyone buying this will not keep it beyond the 3 years (well they shouldn't anyway) and so really it's more about the £4k deposit and £98 p/month compared to the buy price. Although I slated it as it's not a deal to be fair if it wasn't for the £4k deposit the monthly is dirt cheap. However no point in paying a huge deposit if just financing for the 3 year deal, just a waste of cash. It did just make me realise that I could buy 2.5 Astras for the price of my car though lol....umm no thanks
A used Mercedes E Class is better
I think I'd rather drive a £5500 dacia than a overpriced vauxhall astra , at least the dacia doesn't pretend to be anything other than cheap reliable transport. Vauxhall can't even claim to be cheap or reliable in my experience and the service from main agents is shockingly bad
Pretty sure you can get a 6 month old or even a one month old one for soo much less than £18K
Don't under estimate the new Astra - its an absolute cracking car - the best Vaux have made. Residuals should be good!
- just looks at Golf residuals - bought a 2.0 GT CAB 3 years ago , 26K, worth about 10 now -shattered my illusions
Yes if you read the reviews - The new Astra is a Golf/Focus Beater - The vast majority are giving it 4 or 5 stars.

The Vauxhall Astra is one of the best family hatchbacks around. It’s much … The Vauxhall Astra is one of the best family hatchbacks around. It’s much cheaper than an equivalent VW Golf, and a better all-rounder than a Ford Focus.

WhatCar - 4 Stars
CarBuyer - 4.5 Stars
Auto Express = 5 Stars

etc etc... cant be bothered to copy & paste more
just bought a brand new meriva £8700 o.t.r . with the scrappage
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