Vax 3-in-1 multifunction 1300 watt cleaner/washer for £70.84 delivered@ LittlewoodsDirect

Vax 3-in-1 multifunction 1300 watt cleaner/washer for £70.84 delivered@ LittlewoodsDirect

£70.84Very Deals
Found 4th Apr 2009
This is a good carpet washer and also can be used in your car, sofas and fabric chairs.

£146.79 at Amazon and Argos, got good reviews as well-check amazon.
Washes carpets, vacuums carpets and hard floors. Combi head vacuums carpets and hard floors. Wet capacity: 4-litres clean/8-litres dirty. Dry capacity: 8-litres. 5-stage filtration. Tools: brush, upholstery and crevice tools. 1 year guarantee. For Vax product enquiries or to arrange a repair, call the Vax helpline.

Use the voucher for £30 of your first order to get it for £70.84 Delivered.
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I had one of these about 10 years ago, not the best vac or washer it was also messy and hard work...still not bad for £70
I had 1 like 15 years ago, the early ones were ok not brill but then i had a black 6151 for the last 5 years, it jus died recently, i think, the standard in that dropped considerably. I agree there not all that. I would buy a washer only and vacuum only as they would do a better job. I have just brough a Henry for £72 from Homebase, to replace my vax 6151. The henry is way better suction/noise/weight etc.
Still tho this is a good price for a vax, but like I said there not as good as they used to be.
We have one of these and its easily the best weve used, better than dysons thats for sure this little hoover is so powerful it literally will lift the carpet off the floor :-).

The washer part is also good we live in a brand new house with cream carpets and this gets out any stains or marks every time.
i have to say that i have had this for the past few years now and its been good at washing carpets and does the job well. If you live in a house where you can't cant see the original colour of the carpet maybe it wont work that well. But with stains from cola, orange juice, foods and even wine it has worked for me. Also check the reviews on amazon before you buy, most of them agree its a good washer. And obvioulsy it will have some drawbacks (like the size, bit fiddly to begin with) but for the price above, its a fair price.

If you order over the phone and use the £50 off voucher it knocks the price down to £50.84 delivered!
I've had one of the black hard floor/upholstery/carpet cleaner ones for a while. It does wash and dry the floors very well but it's a right hassle to use so I only use it occasionally and generally give them a more frequent once over with squeegee mop. The quality isn't brilliant either, I've trouble with switches and gaffer tape is now a significant part of its construction.
dont forget quidco giving 8% cashback as well
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