Vax 6131 Specialist (3 in 1) Vacuum Cleaner - £116.98 or less delivered
Vax 6131 Specialist (3 in 1) Vacuum Cleaner  - £116.98 or less delivered

Vax 6131 Specialist (3 in 1) Vacuum Cleaner - £116.98 or less delivered

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Vax 6131 Specialist Multifunction Vacuum Cleaner - £116.98 or less delivered from Dixons.co.uk

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Description: The Vax 6131 Multifunction canister vacuum is the ideal total home cleaning system. Your carpets may look clean on the surface, but the 6131 cleans right down to make your carpets look and feel revitalised in three ways:

A great everyday vacuum cleaner: A powerful, easy to manoeuvre large capacity cleaner, the combination floor head enables effective vacuuming on both carpets and hard floors, with the accessories offering a range of cleaning from upholstery to stairs and crevices.

Washes and dries carpets: The 6131's patented Fibreflow technology reaches deep down into the carpet pile where vacuuming can not always reach, flushing out dirt and dust, leaving your carpets looking fresh and revitalised. Washing with Vax AAA Carpet Cleaning Solution, which is specifically formulated for Vax to gently lift deep down dirt and stains, will leave a fresh fragrance, without any sticky residue.

Sucks up spills: Washing machine flooded the floor? Spilt milk? Not a problem for the Vax 6131.

Box Contents: 1 x Multifunction vacuum cleaner | 1 x Combi head | 1 x Fibreflow head | 1 x 750ml Bottle AAA Carpet Cleaning Solution | 1 x Hose | 1 x 2pc Stainless steel extension tubes | 1 x Brush | 1 x Crevice tool | 1 x Upholstery tool | 1 x Instruction manual | 1 x Product registration card | 1 x Repair information leaflet


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http://g-images.amazon.com/images/G/02/x-locale/common/customer-reviews/stars-4-0.gifStill the best for your money, 21 Sep 2006

The Vax is somthing I grew up with as the house's main hoover. When they first came out they were the best money could buy, and lasted longer than most people could belive, our own lasted just over ten years, which for any vaccum is a hell of an achivement. The newer 3 in 1 which we now have (this one infact) is basicly the same design, modernised and still a scary shade of orange.

The vaccum feature is the same as most, only with a bit more power, and an inconveniant way of storing the tools (they slot onto the side of the barrel and get knocked off easily when you move it about) but if you want a good job done, this is among the best to do it with.

When it comes to cleaning, the first time can be tricky since the instructions are more a picture book than anything else, but once you figure it out, converting it from vaccum to cleaner shouldnt take more than five minutes. The cleaning head is not the old style little box this time round, its a full hoover head, only transparent with a tube section. the cleaning ability is the same as it always was, a great job so long as you dont use the Vax AAA solution, its a bit too mild for most jobs, and youll end up needing to do a second round. Astonish do a decent one for less than a quid so get that if you can.

The claim that it will extend the life of your carpets really is true, every time you clean, youll be amazed how much dirt came out, and mow much cleaner it looks, obviously your carpets will still die off after time, no machine can undo constant abuse by size 11 feet.

For a multi roll cleaner this is the one for the job, plus what you would spend on hiring a seperate cleaner would pay for one of these after the third job. only drawback being its fairly big, and needs a bit of space to store teh cleaner section when your not using it (its about the size of a pizza tray and 9 inches thick)

Very nice product. Got one off ebay earlier on this year.************************

Might be a little bit cheaper for those looking for a bargain

Sorry hatembet, I removed the eBay link fro your post. Direct links to eBay sellers and items are not allowed on the forums ;-)

I just got one from currsy for £139 - I'm very happy with it.


[SIZE=2]You can get it half of that price from eBay. Just search for Vax 6131, there is loads of them for £59 each, brand new with 1-years guarantee.[/SIZE]

My mother-in-law has one, borrow it off her all the time for getting the carpets done. Works a treat. I suggest you all get your mother-in-laws to do the same and you can be a scobe like me and get it off her when ou need it !
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