VAX C85 Cylinder Vacuum - £29.99 @ Amazon

VAX C85 Cylinder Vacuum - £29.99 @ Amazon

Found 29th Dec 2017
I was after a small vacuum to clean my hard floors. Decided to take a punt on this as it was so cheap. Very impressed with the vacuum, sucks hard enough to lift the carpet much better than my old one. Comes with 2 year warranty. The large assortment of tools that come with it must be worth more than 30 quid. Easy to empty and im no longer spending money on bags.
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Comes with crevice tool hard floor head, multi floor head, brush head, upholstery head, extendable metal tube flexy hose.
Filters are all cleanable. Auto rewind flex at the push of a button.
Thank you - I need a new hoover and this looks like it will tick all my boxes!
Sounds good
Might have a look x
Heat. Can't go wrong for 30 quid. Even if it blows out just use it outside for leaves
Had these before and they break very easy and haven't got a good suction. I know it's only £30 but I would rather put £30 towards something a bit better.
I think the suction is very good, won't let go of my lounge rug when I clean it. Also with a 2 year warranty going wrong won't be an issue for some time. But then again I'm a Vax fan. These seem to last a lot longer than a Dyson
is this any good for a carpet?
Yes the file head does carpet and hard floor. I was surprised how much muck it picked up my old vacuum missed
There's a double entendre here somewhere..
I have a Samsung that looks a lot like this, badge engineering? If it the same they are cracking bit of kit. Check out Tesco they or soeone they are mates with are knocking them out for 90 quid.
Coming up at £59.99 now, expired
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