Vax Carpetboost pet 750ml carpet shampoo now £2.50 C+C @ Tesco Direct

Vax Carpetboost pet 750ml carpet shampoo now £2.50 C+C @ Tesco Direct

Posted 30th Nov 2017
Usually pay around £3.50 - £4 for this size, so thought this a decent saving (especially this time of year with muddy paw prints)

Give your carpet a deep and thorough clean with Vax™ CarpetBoost™ Pet carpet shampoo. Applied with hot water and a cloth, the carpet cleaner works deep into the material to remove trapped pet hair and dirt. The carpet shampoo also neutralises odours to leave your home smelling fresh. Vax™ CarpetBoost™ shampoo comes in a 750ml bottle – enough for a larger home or for multiple uses in a smaller one.

Effective carpet cleaner

Use the Vax™ carpet cleaner on carpet and upholstery for a thorough wash. CarpetBoost™ Pet is suitable for use on wool, polyester and raffia carpets, delivering a deep clean without damaging the fabric. Wash the Vax™ carpet cleaner into your floor surfaces with a cloth and hot water, helping it get deep into the carpet fibres for a thorough clean.

Neutralises odours

Your carpet looks and smells fresh with Vax™ carpet shampoo. The carpet cleaner is ideal for homes with pets, neutralising odours for a long-lasting fresh scent.


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