VAX FreeTime R8801 Robot Vacuum Cleaner £58.98 at Ebuyer

VAX FreeTime R8801 Robot Vacuum Cleaner £58.98 at Ebuyer

Found 28th Mar 2012
Ever fancied going out and coming back to clean floors! Well this can be a reality, the R8801 FreeTime Vacuum Cleaner is the ideal gadget for you. Leaving you more time to do the things you enjoy!

The Robotic dust-buster does not require asking twice, encouragement or persuasion of any kind to get on with the job of cleaning the floors. It is programmable so you can be getting on with other jobs.


For hard floor cleaning
Easy to use due to automated cleaning pattern
Edge cleaning brushes help clean the whole room
Step avoidance sensors protect the robot against falling off stairs
Low profile design allows the machine to clean under furniture
Capacity: 200ml
Charge time: 4 hours
Run time: 50 minutes
Weight: 1.5kg
Packed box dimensions (cm) L:31.00 W:36.00 H:10.00
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Looks like it's only good for use on hard floors.
Perfect for my robot army
Rebadged Dirt Devil Whiskers. Reviews...…um/ Verdict "The Dirt Devil Whiskers is far from perfect, and you will more than likely find yourself correcting the robot 1-3 times per use if you have rugs and carpet. It’s a little on the loud side, but it’s far quieter than an upright. The thing is, this vacuum wasn’t intended to be perfect. It was built for one thing, trapping light debris on hard floors. If all you have is an empty space of hardwood, it will work amazingly. Unfortunately, we all have furniture and rugs that Whiskers will get hung up on sometimes. After learning its limitations and adapting to them, I have found Whiskers to be a huge help around my house. Running it once a day is all I need to avoid the dreaded weekend date with an upright. To me, Whiskers is a great tool for my home under my conditions, and I will continue using it daily".…576 Verdict "If you are looking for a simple and very affordable "switch it on and vacuum" robot then the Dirt Devil Whiskers is for you".

3 minute video...…ded!
I had one delivered yesterday from Hut to Spain, I think they are all the same, mine is called Free Time, was about the same price. I have tried it out this morning, it needs a 4 hour charge, and cuts out after that, so you can leave it plugged it longer. I have read complaints that they only run for about 15 minutes on a charge, the book says 50 minutes. and mine run around for about an hour.
It is ONLY any good on hard floors, I have polished marble floors, without steps anywhere, I put it in the hall and left it, went back about 15 minutes later, it was in one of the bathrooms, but was stuck on a cable on the floor, I shoved it free, later went back, it was in another bathroom, and just going off to a bedroom where it disappeared under the bed for a while, came back out and then tackled a rug, it will go over a woven rug, but does not do much on rugs.
I checked the tiny dirt box, and it was full of dust and hair, it is only designed to do this. With windows open all day here, a lot of dust blows in.
So overall I think for the money it is very handy if you have solid flloors, it will not clean a carpet, as the suction is not very great, and the brushed are small, just enough to flick dust up and catch it.
So good for picking up dust on solid floors, but no good for carpets or picking up anything bigger than dust, probably ideal if you have pets shedding hair on a hard floor area.
I bought one of these a few weeks ago on special offer - thinking it was worth a try. I am super-pleased with it. It has been used a couple of dozen times - I wanted to

ensure I was happy about it in the returns limited time.
Many people have complained about little robot cleaners. My opinion now is that they have unrealistic expectations, they want everything done for them. They are relatively

simple little machines repeat repeat.... Yet they do a great job -
They are for hard floors, but actually it did a really great job on a short pile carpet square floor, indeed very good because it got under low book shelving that a normal

cleaner couldn't, and the cleaner-person wouldn't bother to use the attachments to do it.
Similarly they run under wardrobes and pick up that stuff that never gets attention from one year to the next.
One has to think of them as an automatic dustpan and brush rather than a Dyson! They pick up dust and fluff and hair VERY well, but not sand/grit/raisins etc. - don't have

unrealistic expectations!
Also the little brushes are fantastic for getting around radiator pipes and under doors and skirting boards.
It's automatic cleaning patterns work very well, especially its concentration on going around edges.
More advanced and much more expensive cleaners will automatically dock and recharge, but I realised this is a trick! They are all so small that they need emptying and

tapping out the filter every time the battery runs out, BTW sufficient to do a couple of large rooms, so that putting the machine on charge is the signal time to empty the

dust bin - a ten second job.
I think you get the idea - I like it - but don't pay too much for it!
Its stair edge avoidance also works, but it does not support virtual walls.
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