Vax Kone K-001 handheld vacuum cleaner - £29.99 (collection)
Vax Kone K-001 handheld vacuum cleaner -  £29.99 (collection)

Vax Kone K-001 handheld vacuum cleaner - £29.99 (collection)

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OK, this is one weird looking vacuum cleaner. I know people here are not expecting me to post deals about vacuum cleaners, so if you guys are expecting this thing to have WIFi or Bluetooth or some other strange techno-gadget, you are wrong. It does have LED lights though.

In short, this is rechargeable (7.2V) vacuum cleaner (top cone) together with charging base (this is the lower part of the thing). Not sure how good it works but it certainly looks good


* Cordless handheld vacuum
* Rechargeable
* With illuminating charging base
* Washable filter
* Includes 7.2 volt mains adapter
* Bagless dirt cup
* 0.2L dust capacity

Manufacturer's info:

Instore price is 49.99, so if you want one, reserve it online and then collect it from store.


Fascinating gadget. Here's how it looks....



Original Poster

Yes, it certainly looks unusual Which is what I like about it.
BTW, the cheapest price I found so far was 39.99 on Amazon.

And could those who vote it cold please explain why? I am going to buy this for my missus for New Year celebration so if this cleaner isn't good I'll buy something else instead.


... I am going to buy this for my missus...

Starting to like you already :-D

Yeah I quite like the look and novelty factor too. The price as per OP looks a good deal regardless of how it behaves, seeing as the missus will be using it :whistling:

Original Poster

Well... my missus is always complaining that our house is full of technogadgets she can't operate or even to understand what it does and why the heck do we need it.
At last she can have her own gadget, which supposedly got some use

Cheers Kommunist,

Picked mine up a couple of days ago. Thought about trying to palm it off as a "late Christmas present". Decided I would rather live to see 2008 instead :whistling:

Original Poster

Well.. I am still alive but then this is New Year present so time is ticking...

Original Poster

My inlaws came today and mother-in-law was so impressed by this thing that she requested to be driven to Comet and bought one for herself On another hand I had to act as a taxi driver
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