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REfurbished Vax OnePWR Blade 3 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 0.6L 18V CLSV-B3KSRB £55.99 @ Vax eBay

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Vax OnePower Blade 3 cordless stick vacuum
Officially refurbished by Vax with a full 1 year warranty.
I actually ordered the Vax 4 with car kit for £79.99 but if you don’t want the extra tools or additional 1ah in the battery then this is the best priced bit of kit.

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    Are these ok just for a second hoover upstairs? Thanks
    I have this upstairs and it does the job.

    However, you'll probably need the bigger 4.0 battery.

    Had mine for 2.5 years now and in that time, I had 3 battery replacements as the original one died after 6 months. VAX CS replaced it like for like, and that died again after 4 months. They then gave me the bigger 4.0 Max battery and so far, that been going well, but bit nervous warranty will expire in November this year but had good use of it for around £90 i think i paid for it on a deal found on HUKD.

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    The Vax 4 is £64 with code.... 5 left in stock atm (edited)
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    Highly recommend the blade 4. I own the blade 3. The battery died and was replaced under warranty and they send the upgraded battery from the 4. You can really tell the difference so worth the extra. Also worth noting, it’s rather heavy so you might want to rethink if you’re old or weak. My dad has issues with it.
  4. Avatar
    In stock for me now
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    Really dissapointed with the 2 batteries that have failed on our Blade 4. Trying to decide whether to fork out on yet another one (£50-£80).

    Seems it is their achilles heel - be warned!
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    I haven't used either model but the review sites suggest that the Blade 4 (also available for Vax eBay outlet store) is probably worth paying the extra £8 for.
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    No experience with the blade 3 but I bought a refurbed blade 4 from Vax Ebay about 2 years ago, Well worth the money they are currently doing them at the moment. We have a 3 bed terrace and if you don't use the boost option you can just about get the whole house done. Great for dog hair etc.
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    Is this better that the vax blade 2, mine fell over yesterday and the motor no longer works although the brush works.
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    Vax ebay also have the ONEPWR handvac for £27.99 with the 20% code looks a bargain if you already have a ONEPWR battery to use with it. I've just ordered one
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    Out of stock :
  11. Avatar
    Just ordered, 1 left
  12. Avatar
    Out of stock for me
  13. Avatar
    Just cancelled mine and bought the blade 4 instead so may come back in stock
    Blade 4 is what I went for due to the larger battery. I paid a bit more for the car kit option too.
  14. Avatar
    Cheers op...Went for the 4 also
  15. Avatar
    Ordered the blade 4 Thanks
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    Out of stock
  17. Avatar
    Just ordered the 4 for £63 cheers
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    Does anyone know when i put shop20 in it doesn't work?
    On a PC it's at the checkout screen, should be a box below your address.
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    Just got one
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    Anyone one know the aw of these and how they stack with the recent Samsung and shark deals?
    Went for the blade 4,turbo mode 137aw so not far off from Samsung jet 70 and Dyson v8, reviews put them on par aswell.
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    What condition are these reconditioned hoovers in, are they like new with no signs of use?
    Historically Vax refurbs are usually opened returns, damaged boxes etc.
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    We've just one of these a while now. Does a great job, battery lasts well, but needs emptying often. Great for hard floors and the car.
  23. Avatar
    Ordered the Blade 4. Thanks
  24. Avatar
    Thanks .. grabbed a blade 4 with car kit .... 1 left in stock now
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    Are any of the (refurbished) Vax range suitable to hoover a whole three bedroom house in one go, whilst ploughing through cat hair and the destruction caused by a six year old boy? Hope so! My eight year old Dyson just burst into flames
    That sucks.

    I'll grab my coat.
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