Vax PowerHeat 2500w Oil Filled Radiator £49.99 @ Vax

Vax PowerHeat 2500w Oil Filled Radiator £49.99 @ Vax

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Found 25th Nov 2017
Got one of these myself and the features are pretty good compared to others around the same price. The Vax Black Friday price says £119.99 is standard price but they are usually available for £69.99 but still a good saving.

It beats the best price on Amazon ever according to 3camels


From the Vax website:

The Vax Power Heat 2500w Oil Filled Radiator provides fast, long-lasting heat for your home. With a 2500w power output and a choice of 3 heat settings, this portable heater heats the whole room quickly and efficiently.

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Ordered, thanks
Still seems a bit dear for a oil filled radiator
Is it a good option for the garage?
radish21218 m ago

Is it a good option for the garage?

depends on how big your garage is what kind of insulation and roof you have and the type of door you have. also you have to account for how long you will spend in the garage as it will take a while to get the oil up to temperature but once it does it will deliver a nice heat to the garage, i find that oil filled radiators don't make the air feel so dry like fan types and aren't as dangerous as halogen types. but for instance my garage is single garage but insulated and high ceiling it takes about 30-45 mins with a 1500w oil heater to get it really cosy when its close to zero degrees outside but then it stays warm for ages even if I unplug the heater (only have 2 power outlets in there) because the oil is up to temperature and is holding in a bunch of heat which it continues to slowly release into the room.
Yes in amazon price is £70. So twenty pound saving.
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