Vax Rapide Spring Carpet Cleaner - Asda - £60

Vax Rapide Spring Carpet Cleaner - Asda - £60

Found 21st Aug 2012
This really looks a great price -
Vax Rapide Spring Carpet Cleaner

The VAX (W91-RS-B-A) Rapide Spring Clean carpet cleaner offers great cleaning performance in a lightweight and compact package.

Designed to be as easy to use as a regular dry vacuum cleaner, the Rapide Spring Clean provides an affordable way to wash carpets and suck up spills. The multi-row brush bar works with the cleaning solution to gently loosen and lift embedded dirt from carpet pile that dry vacuuming alone cannot reach.

RRP - £129.96.......CURRENT PRICE IS £60.00 !!
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Good price and credit to to nick1981 for posting.

However, I bought a VAX Carpet cleaner a couple of years ago and found it to be a very frustrating and disappointing product. Don't believe the hype on the adverts. Best bet is to hire a Rug Doctor for the weekend - it does an excellent job.
Good price, unfortunately rubbish product. As already said, hire a rug dr.
Same as above, and I know this from experience.

Again, good price but naff product
Vax = crap
Bissell = good
Rug Dr = better
Yup its not a great product.
Very poor product - I bought one last year when Argos were doing there for around £40 and they are total junk.

They don't clean carpets, just make them wet, it fails to suck up most of the water so you end up with damp and wet carpets that can start to smell a day or two later due them being damp.

Absolurely hopeless product - when you get it, there is a desperate sticker on it saying..'please don't return me to the this number..' - says it all. Absolute garbage.
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