Vax S4 Grime Master Handheld Steam Cleaner - £24.99 @ Sainsburys

Vax S4 Grime Master Handheld Steam Cleaner - £24.99 @ Sainsburys

Found 6th Jul 2013
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The Grime Master gives you the tough cleaning, grime busting power of steam in a versatile, handheld design. It's great for hygienically cleaning a wide variety of surfaces all around your home - windows, upholstery, tiles, mirrors and much more. With a 7-piece accessory kit included, you've always got just the right tool for the job.

Simply fill up the Grime Master with water, switch it on and it'll be ready to steam in just two minutes. The high temperature of the steam breaks down grease and grime, kills bacteria, dust mites and other allergens, helping to keep your home clean and hygienic. As it doesn't use any cleaning solution it's kind to the environment, and its compact design means it's easy to store.

Comes with a 2 year manufacturer's guarantee.
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Which version of Android does it run?

I'll get me coat....
Am just doing my bathroom up a bit , is this any good for the mold and gunk in the grouting ?
only does stream alone work without some sort of cleaner or could you put some think in the bottle ?

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