Vax S6 Home Master Steam Cleaner £56.80 delivered @ Amazon

Vax S6 Home Master Steam Cleaner £56.80 delivered @ Amazon

Found 19th Jul 2012
Seems to be £90 elsewhere

Product Description
The Vax S6 Home Master steam cleaner has everything you need for hygienic cleaning all around your home. It can be used in almost every room and is great for larger jobs such as cleaning upholstery, pet beds and ovens. As it’s mounted on wheels, it’s very easy to manoeuvre around your furniture.

The high temperature of the steam breaks down grease and grime, kills bacteria, dust mites and other allergens, helping to keep your home clean and hygienic. As it doesn't use any cleaning detergent, it's kind to the environment too.

Tools for cleaning floors, mirrors, tiles, ovens, grills, upholstery and more
Easy to use

Simply fill it up with water, attach the hose and switch it on. After twelve minutes or so, the green light will come on, indicating that it’s ready to steam. You can use the dial to vary the steam pressure from low to high, depending on the job in hand. A full tank of water generates steam for around 45 minutes, giving you plenty of cleaning time before you need to stop and refill.

16-piece accessory kit

The tools are conveniently stored on board the machine
With a 16-piece accessory kit included, you've always got just the right tool for the job. Stored conveniently onboard the machine, the tools are ideal for tackling a wide range of surfaces, including floors and windows.

To steam clean your hard floors, attach the extension tubes and the floorhead. Then press the trigger to release the steam and move the head slowly backwards and forwards across the floor. To refresh your carpets and rugs, lift the levers on either side of the floorhead and attach the cleaning cloth before use.

To use one of the small tools, first fit the concentration nozzle then attach the tool and twist to lock. You can use the concentration nozzle on its own to remove soap scum from a bath or shower enclosure and to clean heavily soiled areas in your kitchen.

The plastic brushes remove stubborn grease and grime from a wide variety of surfaces, while the metal brush is ideal for oven grills and racks. As the detail tool is angled, it’s easier to clean hard to reach areas such as around taps. Use the scraper tool to remove dried on residue from ovens, work surfaces and pans.

The squeegee tool leaves your windows, tiles and mirrors gleaming and smear-free. Or to clean your sofas and chair seats, simply fit the upholstery cloth to the squeegee tool. Both cleaning cloths can be washed by hand or in your washing machine at warm temperature using a mild detergent, then allowed to dry before using again.

Peace of mind

A 2-year Vax guarantee gives you complete peace of mind. Vax’s UK based helpline is staffed by friendly and knowledgeable Customer Care Advisors who are available to help 7 days a week.
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Anyone got one of these and can recommend it ?
Paid 60 direct from vax.useless on grout but works well on everything else.defo worth 60quid with a 2 yr guarantee
Actually i paid 7060 which was a pricing error honoured by vax
70!for some reason autocorrect did that!?
I had the version down.

Made a unplesent noise, they all make a loud noise put the pitch was bad.
The winow tool was poor
It broke down on its second steam.
Also bad at spouting water if u left it for abit

Got of these instead it fits under the bed.

The variable steam option looked intresing but it broke down before I could try it the earlex does not have that. Also u cannot take the hose off the earlex. It comes with the same tools as the one below + wallpaper straiper but the extention tubes are slightly shorter.

They also do one of these these Larger tank than above but does not fit under bed.

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