Vax steam mop cleaning pads x8 @ Amazon RRP £39.99 now £14.99

Vax steam mop cleaning pads x8 @ Amazon RRP £39.99 now £14.99

Found 17th Apr 2014
Brilliant bargain for a genuine vax product - normally £10 for 2! This is for 8!!


Just paid £20 with vac in their sale.

Pro ones also available - not as good at 3 for a tenner - half price but I think I'll give them a try are my tikes floor is a nightmare!

Thought they were pringles

I just use micro fibre cloths

My Vax has drawstring pads, am I right in assuming these are not compatible?

I use always ultra

like a towel

I just buy compatible ones, paid £5 for 8.

Any cheap deal for a VAX steam mop? Ideally for tiles.

I use socks, and I'm not kidding

Same price in John Lewis

Thank you, ordered through flubit for £13.19 and they came today, only had two to begin with so won't need to keep washing them so often.
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