Vax U84-AL-Pe Air Lift Steerable Pet Vacuum Cleaner was £250 now £90.99 from Amazon

Vax U84-AL-Pe Air Lift Steerable Pet Vacuum Cleaner was £250 now £90.99 from Amazon

Found 23rd Nov 2016
Pretty good reviews. I have a similar vacuum from Morphy Richards wich needs repairing, but this Vax one looks like it performs much better and is more practical and is cheaper than the parts I need to buy for the Morphy Richards!


Bought on last February at full price of £200 and it broke two days ago, Vax are sending out a replacement cylinder and motor for it though.

Bought one earlier today to replace a broken Dyson, good price and I've heard the guarantees are decent.

We got one of these earlier this year. Great cleaner, BUT, beware of human and dog hair, it binds the front brush. You need to clear it pretty much every time you use it. We didn't and we needed a new base after 3 months. Fair play to vax though, they had a new one too us in 2 days

Bought in July, broken in September. Same issue with hair which is ridiculous when it's marketed as a pet model!

Vax gives a 6 year warranty which is great but boy do you need it!

We also have a carpet cleaner that is on its third repair in 2 years.

They're cheap for a reason. Tough call with this brand as products are cheap and do break but they do support it well so if you're willing to live with the hassle then get one.

I have the same but without the lift, great cleaner, good suction, I have pets so works well for pet hair, lightweight

Wow...4 out of 5 break. This hoover sounds great.

Aye, it's not looking good. To be fair, I've had my Dyson 3 years and the motor has gone 3 times (replaced twice under guarantee)

I've had this model for nearly a year and with two large Huskamutes who constantly shed I needed something that could cope with this. Love this vacuum and have had no problem with it, only downside is that the bin is quite small and I need to empty mine twice during a full clean because of the fur.
The lift function of this vacuum is so handy for the stairs though tricky to master at first.

Great value for this vacuum and heat added

The handle is not adjustable according to some of the reviews, which makes it harder to use for short people, it is strange why would someone leave such a design flaw in a high end device.
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