vax u88 pet vacuum £79 @ Oldrids

vax u88 pet vacuum £79 @ Oldrids

Found 11th Jan 2016
vax u88-amm-pe

I was looking for a new vacuum and happened to find this bargain. Looks like a decent vacuum. Couldnt find it cheaper anywhere else. Its still £150 in the curys sale.
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These are rubbish I bought one a year ago and have had to have it replaced twice because it started smoking! both times I waited 4 weeks which was a pain. Don't try and scrimp you'll end up spending more long term - get a dyson!
These are not rubbish. I bought one about year ago and it has been faultless. Light, great suction and well designed for emptying etc. Admittedly it doesn't have the heavyweight pseudo-quality feel of the Dyson, not a problem so far for me though.
Oh, and about £80 is the going price, anything else is the obligatory price inflation to later give the eye catching reductions.
Only good for vacuuming up small pets though.
They are a pain it's true they do break a lot!!
Its a brilliant vac hardly any pet hair gets in the brushes unlike dysons, it picks up better than a dyson, I got fed up with several broken dysons and went over to vax with a different model. Carpet was done with a dyson then went straight over it with the vax its amazing how much the vax picked up that the dyson had left behind. I got this advertised model black friday deal 2014 which was only to be a second one for upstairs, no problems with it yet, and is used several times a day, and it is so good its the only one I use. This one is so light weight, very easy to get upstairs, the suction is truly amazing the steering takes a bit of getting used to but is brilliant once you master it.
Also switched from a Dyson to one of these after being amazed by a friends , Dysons have had there day , picks up so much better than any Dyson I've owned and beautifully made.
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