VAX U90-MA-R Upright Vacuum Cleaner - £143.99 @ Amazon

VAX U90-MA-R Upright Vacuum Cleaner - £143.99 @ Amazon

Found 17th Mar 2011
Been looking for a Vacuum Cleaner for a while and had my eye on this one. Was about to pull the trigger at £180 but did another quick google search and found it for this price.

Delivery stated at 3-6 weeks is the only down-side!

Product Features

Super lightweight--easy to carry from room to room and up stairs

Extra long hose and cord reaches right to the top of your stairs and means you're not changing power boards between rooms

Powerful multicyclonic suction and turbo tool for picking up stubbon pet hair

H12 HEPA (High Efficient Particle Arrester) and antibacterial filtration for homes with allergy sufferers

LED performance indicator to alert you of any blockages

6 Year Guarantee


Original Poster

If people are voting cold then can then explain why? Is it cheaper elsewhere or it it because HUKD are all in the cult of Dyson?

It could be that you can get the higher rated, later model u91 for a cheaper price (and it's in stock);…h_3

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U91 -
No Turbo Tool
No Extendible hose (for stairs cleaning)
No Antibacterial filter

Would still rather have the U90 for £20 more with these features. But oh well, can't knock a guy for trying
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