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Found 17th Sep 2016
In the market for a new Vacuum cleaner. This one is the number 1 seller on amazon and according to camelcamelcamel it's the lowest price it's been on there. It's is the same price on and available for £0.99 more at Argos. So plenty of options for people.


The Vax Air Reach Eco is designed to be an incredibly light vacuum but with extra reach. Designed in Britain by an iconic British company, it has all the performance and capacity of a full size upright, but weighs a third less. Its long reach hose and power cord make it easy to clean high stairs and large rooms, or even valet your car. Full size performance, a third less weight Building from the ground up, Vax used precision engineering to reduce the weight of every component, piece by piece. Their goal was to create a powerful, high performance machine in an elegant and lightweight frame. Air Reach Eco has the power, performance and capacity of a full size vacuum cleaner, but without the bulkiness and weight that make others such a drag. As it's so light, it's easy to carry upstairs and less effort to push across your carpet, so it's the ideal choice for older people, or for those with back problems.

Air Reach's eco, compact, slim design and retractable handle means it takes up less space than most uprights, so it's ideal for modern homes where storage is at a premium. Longer hose and cord for extra reachAir Reach has an extra long power cord and stretchy hose, giving you a total cleaning reach of 15 metres. This means you can go from room to room without unplugging and clean right to the top of your stairs, leaving Air Reach Eco safely at the bottom.

Ideal for homes with pets as pet hair poses no problem for Air Reach Eco. The TurboTool easily picks up the most stubborn of hairs from stairs, upholstery and car seats. The HEPA Media filter helps remove pollen and other allergens, making your home a more comfortable place to be, especially if you suffer from allergies. This filter is anti-bacterial too, helping to keep pet-related odours at bay.

Constant, powerful suctionAir Reach Eco has multiple cyclone technology to provide consistent suction for powerful, efficient cleaning. The air and dust sucked into the machine spins through a series of cyclones that separate out most of the dust before it reaches the filters, so they don't get clogged. This ensures that you don't lose suction as you clean and you never experience a frustrating drop off in performance.

As Air Reach Eco has a telescopic handle, it's comfortable for everyone to use - short or tall. It can be adjusted to 8 different heights to achieve the most ergonomic position for vacuuming. An LED Performance Indicator quickly alerts you of any blockages, so you always know how well it's performing. The transparent brushbar cover can be removed by releasing two clips, so it's really easy to clean too. The dust container is quick to empty too, simply hold it over a bin and press the release button.

There are two cleaning modes so you can switch between vacuuming hard floors and carpets at the touch of a button. Simply switch the brushbar on for carpets and off again for hard floors. A space saving 3-in-1 crevice tool, dusting brush and upholstery tool is stored on board, so it's always on hand and never gets lost.

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Great cleaner had one for 2 years, only complaint is its a bit fiddly to attach hoses and tools....heat

got one thats been used less than 4 hours for sale, £50 Stockport area

Replaced it with a V6

Pros: 6 Year Guarantee.
Cons: You'll need it when the wheels fall off X)

Seriously though, good vacuum and if the wheels do fall off you can get a new one for p&p costs (£4). Why they don't do the wheels as a service item is beyond me. With a bit of mad skill and ingenuity the wheels can be fixed so you've got a spare base unit.

got mine 3 years now.. still as new although been used every single day- sometimes even 3 times a day, lol
great price as well.
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