Vax V-026 Rapide Deluxe Carpet Washer

Vax V-026 Rapide Deluxe Carpet Washer


Seems to be a million different models Vax have, so hard to compare prices or functions, although those of us who have had Vax before seem to concur how lousy they ALL are :-(

There you go..............


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so if vax are not that good,,, are there any better ones to watch for?

I have a Bissel one which I have had for about 9 years and it works well. Have seen them for around the £100 mark sometimes.


so if vax are not that good,,, are there any better ones to watch for?

I have an Argos purchased Challenge machine, had it as long as I have had my dog - about 7 years of so, but it is the pump action feed "cylinder type" design, which looks a bit like the original Vax, but works about 1000% better! I can't find them now, so probably not made, but the company that does "Henry" vacuum cleaners hasa similar design one, although that is expensive (…top )
It is a bit tedious to take apart, clean and dry out before putting it away though, but was (and still is) cheap and very effective, as good or better than ones I have hired in the past.

People on here usually queue up to recommend the Bissel machines, maybe they will log on later! Not had one so I can't comment

Oh... a good money saving tip.
Forget the exorbitant shampoos and foam surpressants. Ceertainly in the tank type machines, use ordinary carpet shampoo, any you like - as found in discount stores or supermarkets and use a good glug of FABRIC SOFTENER as a foam suppressor in the dirty water tank! It kills the foam sucked up stone dead, just as good as any you can buy, or those where it is built in to the shampoo. not used it in one of these upright type machines before though, so you might need to experiment very cautiously before trying it out fully, in case you fill your machine up with foam, don't say I haven't warned you!

I bought carpet shampoo from poundland that works really well in my Bissel. And guess what it only costs a pound (the Bisell stuff is about £9 a bottle)

looks a bit star warsy to me
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