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Vectone - 30GB Data, Unlimited Calls/Text for £10 a month. No contract and uses EE Network, 3G connection
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Posted 2nd AprPosted 2nd Apr
I think this deal from Vectone is the only network that can match Smarty for £10 a month without a contract and offer 30GB of data for the same price. They also state there are no… Read more

To to be honest? speed is better with this Vectone then with smarty in the whole East London.


That makes no sense - don't bet on what? You've just said that all mobile customer services are dreadful, which is not exactly news to me - I've yet to time a company with consistent, good cs, so I go mainly on cost and coverage. Smarty is cheap and the coverage from their parent network works well where I live.


Don't bet on it!! You've not encountered their online only customer service. I had one to try to see what the signal was like, terrible in my area, tried and failed several time with customer service. But to be fair, most mobile customer services are dreadful (none worse than Virgin mobile).


Only 3g, who cares. My '4g' connection with 3 is 3mbps or less. However my wife's 3g connection with Virgin/ee (she hasn't updated her SIM card) is often 20/30mbps! If it's 3g on EE, it'll still be quicker than 3 in my area.


Rubbish. Use the SIM in any device you wish. Use as much of the data allowance for tethering as you wish (if you have the patience to try). This company is so pathetic it doesn't understand its mandatory obligations or hasn't bother update its t&c, either of which indicates its ineptitude. Anybody who likes to play with idiotic companies can have a field day here, and let's be honest: a lot of people may have some time to kill at the moment, so maybe start with Vectone, and it's very simple with this blunt piece of Euro-sourced legislation: Net Neutrality Regulation (EU) 2015/2120 Article 3 (3): "Providers of internet access services shall treat all traffic equally, when providing internet access services, without discrimination, restriction or interference, and irrespective of the sender and receiver, the content accessed or distributed, the applications or services used or provided, or the terminal equipment used." Maybe start by informing OFCOM

30GB sim only £10 (30 day) unlimited mins + texts @ Vectone Mobile
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Posted 26th Nov 2019Posted 26th Nov 2019
30GB sim only £10 (30 day) unlimited mins + texts @ Vectone Mobile
Uses the EE network.

There are lots of fake positive reviews on trustpilot now. It is the stupidest marketing I’ve ever seen.


I been using vectone for 6 months without any issues. I have setup auto renewal every month and it works flawlessly. It piggybacks on the EE network. only 3G available. voicemail cost extra. but 30GB for £10 is worth the trouble.


Worth having it for an old phone. Expect to be taken back a decade with some calls > echos <.! Customer Service took 4 days to reply enquiring about the £15 credit if I move my number to them. Clearly not worth that risk of loosing a number of 7 years. £6 a month is worth it in the UK. Second phone for emergency use... i.e. dead battery on the main one. Only for a backup phone. Don't use it as a main connection as you'll be disappointed. ;)


Please avoid. i had very bad experience with them, always connectivity issues and the replies from customer service was rude


No customer support. You'll need to wait 4 hours to get someone from their customer service (from the other side of the world probably) to pick up your call just to ask for a PAC number when you'll regret joining them and want to move to another provider

Vectone - 15GB data - Unlimited Mins/Texts + 100 mins international call - £5 for 1st Month, the £10 for Subsequent Months
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Posted 24th Oct 2019Posted 24th Oct 2019
Vectone - 15GB data - Unlimited Mins/Texts + 100 mins international call - £5 for 1st Month, the £10 for Subsequent Months
Cheapest deal out there for £5 per month Revues on trustpilot much better than a few years ago. Experience the best ever mobile network with Vectone, the UK’s Best value SIM ne… Read more
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The reviews doesn't sound legit. Hundreds of people praising vicky n farouk with no info on how these two are best CS advisors in the world My guess, both husband & wife own the vectone I ordered the sim but did not use it because there is no 4g, on their site all it says it data nothing about 4g etc Lastly their official FAQ has 3 questions & answers


Will never touch them S##T company. 3G ONLY


"Experience the best ever mobile network with Vectone…." Shows how tricky they are, as given Vectone's reputation they can't possibly be referring to themselves so you'd have to assume that they are trying to suggest that EE is the "best ever mobile network" (and I'm not sure I'd even agree with that!).


Only 3G speeds.


Avoid at all costs. Worst company ever.

Vectone 1GB/150mins/150texts 30-day rolling (3G EE) SIM for £2.99/month!
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Posted 11th Sep 2019Posted 11th Sep 2019
Vectone 1GB/150mins/150texts 30-day rolling (3G EE) SIM for £2.99/month!
Cheapest deal I’ve ever seen for 1GB data which gives 150 mins and 150 texts - PAYG deal which you can setup a direct debit on. Not too shabby of a network in my experience despit… Read more
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Had them before, years ago. They steal credit, don't answer calls and emails. 3 months later I had a response, didn't give me my money back. It's a surprise that they still exist. Id mobile, lebara, Plusnet, virgin, occasionally have some cheap sim deals.


Lebara’s decent you know, at least better than the likes of Lyca, Vectone etc


Or lebara. Looks worst service even.


Unfortunately dairy milks sh1t now as well.


Yep definitely no 4g

30GB data for £10 topup (1 month only)  Vectone Mobile UK sim , Unlimited texts, Unlimited minutes
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Posted 22nd Jul 2019Posted 22nd Jul 2019
30GB data for £10 topup (1 month only) Vectone Mobile UK sim , Unlimited texts, Unlimited minutes
This has to be the best payg deal going, £10 for 30GB data! couple this with an auto-renew direct debit/CC and you can have a manageable contract style set it and forget it experi… Read more
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Happy with mine, i stream web radio to my car all day, brilliant. No more crappy radio 1


It's also only 3g. I've used them for over 18 months as a backup call sim and main data in my dual sim phone I personally could not rely on them as my sole provider. There have been outrages with no data and customer services difficult to speak to. If you're paying £10 a month for unlimited calls, texts and 5gb data my view is if they went pop it wouldn't inconvenience me to much


Yes, no point auto renew and forget unless you are happy with £20pm. Good idea for a holiday though. You need to cancel the auto-renew that is on by default. They also have other rates for more/less data


Apart from it's £20 per month after the 1st month. Good for a holiday one off though (y)

20GB sim only £10 a month (EE) PAYG - unlimited mins + texts @ Vectone Mobile
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Posted 10th Jul 2019Posted 10th Jul 2019
20GB sim only £10 a month (EE) PAYG - unlimited mins + texts @ Vectone Mobile
Great deal here, its EE back end, so t-mobile/orange/EE masts for great coverage. Not been able to beat this deal - it IS a payg sim, but you can add a direct debit for AUTO renew… Read more
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For me roaming never worked, ever. But services in the UK were tbh - it uses 3G EE (some say 4G - but I never experienced that) and speeds were decent too - like 10mbps or sometimes higher too


Wait Vectone have 4G now too?


you have to set it up


Every Vectone Mobile SIM is automatically signed up for roaming. When you’re ready to travel, your SIM will be too.


There voice mail dose not work properly, every time you go to leave a message it comes up with a error. There is also no 4G. But otherwise it has worked fine. But with voice mail problem I've decided not to use it as my main mobile number. However works fine for data, so SIM has ended up in a WiFi hotspot. Is only 3G but is fast enough, and is only £5 5GB with there data bundle. So ideal for car radio and Spotify.

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Best Sim Pay As You Go Packages - 20gb Data / Unlimited UK Calls / Unlimited UK Texts - £10 @ Vectone Mobile
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Posted 15th May 2019Posted 15th May 2019
Best Sim Pay As You Go Packages - 20gb Data / Unlimited UK Calls / Unlimited UK Texts - £10 @ Vectone Mobile
More great offers available starting price from £5. order your free sim now. Check the link. Vectone uses EE and Orange Network. No Contract pay as you go only.
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Orange network ? Is that free roaming in Orange worldwide then ?


Amend the price of the deal mate.


Sorry its my first ever post. Price starts from£5. £5 is 3Gb 150mins &150 text. Please check my link. 20gb for £10 you want find this anywhere else.


Vectone are terrible! I'll echo the comments above. Calls never worked for me at all. Data was in the Kbps region, if it worked, and their customer service is the worst I've ever experienced! In the end I ditched the SIM and gave up. Never again. (mad)


Cheers, I'm on the lookout for an EE/ BT sim at the moment as I've heard they tend to be the best all round.

Vectone mobile 10 GB Data and Unlimited UK minutes/Texts £10
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Posted 9th Oct 2018Posted 9th Oct 2018
Vectone mobile 10 GB Data and Unlimited UK minutes/Texts £10
Fantastic deal. Only £ 10 for 10 GB Data and Unlimited UK minutes and texts. Additionally 100 minutes International minutes.
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Never trust HUKDs heat. It's hit and miss.


Lyca does the same deal too. Its bad vectone and Lyca have monthly roll on contract and they increase price any time. They also have their call centre whoknowswhere and rude staff. Only good if you want make loads of international calls, they got pack to make it cheaper. Network is crap.


Son got unlimited dat calls sms at three for 10 a month, cold from me


Please avoid Vectone. I had very bad experience. Rude customer support, very bad network


Very bad customer support, my email was replied around 2 months as i recall, glad i never used my main number with them

Vectone mobile SIM only 100gb offer for £20
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Posted 3rd Aug 2018Posted 3rd Aug 2018
Vectone mobile SIM only 100gb offer for £20
Vectone mobile... 100gb for 20 .. It is for new SIM only it seems but can be used for switch too..
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Don't even consider using this useless thieves. They might show like good deals but that's a Con. I had been a customer for over 3-4 years and didn't think they would steal my money. They been charging money for nothing. On top of that Bad customer Service, Hard to reach them, Useless.


Don't do it - they are unbelievably bad - save yourself grief, do not touch!


I didn't say anything about where they're from. I know, you quoted the wrong message (highfive)


What has it being operated from India have to do with anything?


I've got one of there £1 sims which gives u 50minsCalls/txt/data. Great for a backup phone

Vectone Mobile bundle pack: £10 - 30GB  1000 UK Minutes + 100 International Minutes - EE network
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Posted 15th Jun 2018Posted 15th Jun 2018
Vectone Mobile bundle pack: £10 - 30GB 1000 UK Minutes + 100 International Minutes - EE network
Bundle details Bundle : National Bundle £10Price: 1000 UK Minutes + 100 International Minutes SMS : Unlimited UK Texts Data : 30GB Data Vectone Mobile is a virtual network that… Read more

Look at the reviews for this pilot.... All negative....or customer service....waiting over 40 minutes for an answer...I'll avoid. Research reviews first before deciding to to good to be true? Always check it out first


Help , just ordered vectone sim cards and changed mind after reading terrible reviews. Can't get through on support line and no email reply, how can I cancel??? Paid for x2 sims on paym rolling contracts via a credit card, one for £5 a month the other £10 month. Any help appreciated


I was looking at this, but after checking reviews will steer clear. I don't have time for companies that don't answer calls. Tried calling their support while watching the footy today and didn't get through. Lots of people complain they can't get a PAC or that Vectone don't pass required info to new provider if they do manage to get a PAC. That would do my head in. Besides, 30GB for £10 a month sounds too good to be true.


100% pathetic customer service..


Google reviews hang up lol

30 GB data 1000uk minute 100 international minute £10 at vectonemobile
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Posted 18th Apr 2018Posted 18th Apr 2018
30 GB data 1000uk minute 100 international minute £10 at vectonemobile
30 GB data 1000uk minute 100 international minute
Get deal*Get deal*

I used them for 4 months last year and the average download and upload speeds were atrocious 3.1mbps download and 1.1mbps upload that was in Manchester City Centre in my home town Bolton it was virtually unusable it just became frustrating to use. I personally wouldn’t ever use them or recommend them to anyone and the customer service isn’t very good either.


It will be a wrong decision to go with vectone. Make sure that you don't leave your card details with them


I too had very bad experience. After lot of frustration I moved away from them


Agree with you...worst service


splunet? not heard of them ;)

30GB Data 1000 mins + 100 international minutes! - £10pm @ Vectone
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Posted 5th Mar 2018Posted 5th Mar 2018
30GB Data 1000 mins + 100 international minutes! - £10pm @ Vectone
Looks like an amazing deal, only £10 per month for 30GB, 1000 minutes, 1000 international minutes and unlimited texts.

I am using this... it is crap. If I want to call anyone the first call doesn't get connected. I can hear the sound from other side , but they cant hear me. So for every call I have to pay for 1 extra minute. They have automatically renewed my plan even when auto topup is disabled. Cannot get in touch with the customer service to discuss about this. I was waiting for 45 minutes to get the customer service but the call got disconnected automatically. Sent a mail to customer service, but the response was something else and subsequent mails were not answered. From my experience my suggestion is to keep away from Vectone....Sorry to say, but I feel they are cheating


Thanx, typo now corrected


100 international minutes ! (not 1000)


yes its 3G only but Im using it right now & found it fine personally - they use EE so the signal will be as good as EE in your area You can tether the full 30GB without any decrease in speed & my speed is between 2Mbs to 5 Mbps which is mostly OK for streaming on one device they seem to get such bad reviews because the customer service is poor when things go wrong


From a quick look, it may only be 3G. Plus, the company reviews badly.

Vectone 1 month roll on 30GB 1000 mins Unl Txt's  SIM only £10
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Posted 14th Feb 2018Posted 14th Feb 2018
Vectone 1 month roll on 30GB 1000 mins Unl Txt's SIM only £10
Vectone using EE network, in the past had most terrible CS, but somewhat had improved its service, some say.... Else the deal for big data usage seem to be of good value £10 tethe… Read more

Probably have software for it but won't surprise me if they did it manually with a India call centre


Really? They literally sitting there and monitoring your calls, disconnecting (unplugging wires), reconnecting and making profit of it? 1000 minutes would make them work 16.66 Hrs for £10... or to save something from £10... :D


Lucky you if you hve got it in 30 mins, I had to wait minimum 50 mins


Also when you make calls the person on the other side doesn't hear you have to try 2 3 times before they can this happens to quite a few people whom use this as they give include international mins alot of people I know use this network. So if that happens font think your phones bust it's this network they must have some kind of issue or do it on purpose so people use more mins etc. Worst thing is if you call to make a hospital appointment or something after waiting 10-1 mins it randomly cuts off or the person on otherside can't hear you so they cut it off.


Don't know m8, although as it says monthly roll on, I'd expect it to last little while

£5 First time online purchase   500 UK & International Minutes 100 UK Texts 5GB Data @VectoneMobile
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Posted 30th Jan 2018Posted 30th Jan 2018
£5 First time online purchase 500 UK & International Minutes 100 UK Texts 5GB Data @VectoneMobile
ok i know the network is not the best but this sim is great for using for a month and also has international calls which is amazing and also runs of EE
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its payg


Is this pay as you go? Because after having a look at trust pilot, there is absolutely no way I would let them know my financial details. And I would not port my number, either.


Better stay away from Vectone. They don't honour deals and have many hidden conditions. I moved to vectone last month but is really disappointed,


You can buy Vectone Simcards from your local corner shop When i order sim cards from place like EE i normally have to wait 4-6 weeks so its best just buying from shops


Sounds like a deal but have tried to order a regular PAYG SIM from this shower twice before in the past and neither turned up in the post, so think it would most likely just be a fiver down the drain! I'll save the cash to to put it into a much safer investment in a post-Brexit unicorn farm.

30GB data, 1000 mins, 100 international mins and unlimited text - £10pm x 12 months = £120 @ Vectone Mobile
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Posted 1st Jan 2018Posted 1st Jan 2018
30GB data, 1000 mins, 100 international mins and unlimited text - £10pm x 12 months = £120 @ Vectone Mobile
30GB data, 1000 mins, 100 international mins and unlimited text from Vecton mobile. I'm not sure about the network or the company but I think this company is similar to Lyca and Le… Read more

30GB data, 1000 mins, 100 international mins and unlimited text - £10pm x 12 months. This does seem too good to be true, hence me looking up more information. With 30GB data, I would be looking to tether as a faster alternative to my copper broadband, but one poster above says you can't tether with Vectone. Also, I'm concerned with the above if I took their SIM, the deal might be changed or prices changed. Put simply, there seems to be a lot of bad feeling against Vectone. I'm very tempted by the deal. I'm currently on 12GB data with unlimited texts and data with Talkmobile, now rolling after exceeding my initial 12 months and I've had no problems. The extra data and slight price reduction seem just what I need, but I'm not going to switch if Vectone is unreliable. Can anyone give me clarity?


....and vectone used to reduce their prices one month and hike them up the next they've got a track record for being crooks..... Avoid this like the plague.... Cold from me


From the From the terms and conditions "50% Off*: Applies to first-time online top up and online SIM orders on or after 27/03/2017. so you're right this is not 12 months at all! Good old vectone. This deal should be removed


Get a life ....go and find something else to get offended about....zzzzzz


2G if lucky

Vectone (EE) - PAYG (bundle) 200GB Unlimited mins/texts, 100 international mins when you top up £30 every 4 weeks
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Posted 2nd Sep 2017Posted 2nd Sep 2017
Vectone (EE) - PAYG (bundle) 200GB Unlimited mins/texts, 100 international mins when you top up £30 every 4 weeks
Runs on EE 2/3G 100GB for a £20 top up promo The £30 UK Unlimited plan also gives another 100GB… Read more

I've used Monthly P A Y G Vectone for two years and have not had any issues. Speed and calls have been identical as my other main work EE phone contract. Now that I've said this it will probably be the kiss of death! I use the online account to top up. Every month I use use the £10 plan 500m 100m International Calls Unlim Txts and 3Gb data. providing there's money in the account they renew. They send texts to advise and confirm. This last few months I have topped up with the £20 and it's given me 100gb for 4 weeks use. This is a relatively new offer and it's best to click through from the page that tells you about it to get the 100gb. Click here


Their internet service is not bad but pathetic network for calls and text.


Just look up vectone on trustpilot and then decide.

Vectone Mobile Pay Monthly 1000 texts, 500 mins, 2GB data - £5 first month then £10
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Posted 21st Aug 2017Posted 21st Aug 2017
Vectone Mobile Pay Monthly 1000 texts, 500 mins, 2GB data - £5 first month then £10
First time purchase only. Read the general T&C here . Looks fairly good, not heard of Vectone before but they seem to have been around for a while. EDIT: This is basically £… Read more

Rip off deal


you make me think of 2003 period...


Vectone....second place from bottom, after FreedomPop... Been with them 5 years ago - never ever again!


I think life / plusnet do a much better deal? 5gb for £10. Think you can usually get a better deal with one of the price comparison sites. I searched uswitch but wasn't them.

100GB free data when you top up £5 or more at Vectone Mobile
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Posted 10th Aug 2017Posted 10th Aug 2017
100GB free data when you top up £5 or more at Vectone Mobile
TOP-UP OFFER Top-up amount Data Promo validity £5 100GB Free 1 week £10 100GB Free 2 weeks £20 100GB Free Data 4 we… Read more

I spoke several times with them but they simply let my internet works for hours if not minutes, and they even didn't know why it was not working. When it stopped working completely and they clearly understood that I was not Indian or Pakistani, they simply disconnected the call refusing to get it right till I gave up. This was 5 years ago, recently ordered a promotional pack for 1 penny instead of 10 pounds and never received!


shame it cant tether the full amount, I'd be all over this.....! 400gb per month for £20


Isn't this 3g, anyway vectone have a history of flash deals that disappear leaving everyone stuffed cold from me


Same goes for me, HOT


£5 100GB for a week HOT!

Pay As You Go Sim Only Deal 50minutes, 50texts and 50mb PM @ Vectone - £1
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Posted 9th Aug 2017Posted 9th Aug 2017
Pay As You Go Sim Only Deal 50minutes, 50texts and 50mb PM @ Vectone - £1
There are loads of sim only 30 day deals. This deal is for someone who is tight on budget, only £1 per month, for 50 minutes talk, 50 texts and 50MB data. Yes I know its small but… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

I've tried to complain to Ofcom about Delight Mobile which is a Vectone company. Ofcom don't handle individual complaints. They will only log complaints and if enough are received look into a company. My complaint was about constant changes to T&Cs without any notification. They do not even update their website until months after they have made significant changes to terms such as credit validity periods. The rates and offers were great but I wouldn't go near this company again.


Order a 3 Network sim on line for free they usually send you an additional one. Then top up on line for £5. Calls are 3p per min, texts 2p and 1mg data is 1p. Good for any emergency. You can turn data on and off and use the data for sending msgs or pictures via whatsapp. This is not on contract so your credit remains until you use it.


Thanks - just what I needed for my elderly dad who doesn't use his phone often. May not be a great company, I'll have to see but at least I'm not risking much to find out. I got the first month half price, too, so only 50p!!


Take a complaint to Ofcom, buying a sim or getting one sent free is a allocation of a number. Can't hold you to ransom.


They can if you've not topped up, o2 wouldn't give me the pac for an unused sim That's 2 companies so you are wrong

Vectone half price online sim offers
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Posted 6th Jul 2017Posted 6th Jul 2017
Vectone half price online sim offers
Vectone have got quite a few offers on there pay and go bundles offering cheaper prices than most pay monthly sims at moment e.g. some of the better offers such as there In my op… Read more

Lol i just got had. Its only valid for first month. Stuck with a sim i can't even use, got it for my daughter who is on EE pay as you go and it doesn't even work in that phone. Tried speaking to customer service and can now understand why so much negative comments lol.


I can't see many cheaper offers wonder why nobody voting for this


Deal looks good as i was looking at it before i went with 3 as the reviews for this company are not good at all !!!! :(


Seems too good to be true?! On ee network as well


How do I edit this know can't find out with this new app