Veetee Thai Green Curry/Italian Risotto 150g Savoury Rices 29p Each @ B&M

Veetee Thai Green Curry/Italian Risotto 150g Savoury Rices 29p Each @ B&M

Found 5th Mar 2015
Had this brand in the past and theyve been rather good. So for the price worth having a couple in. Got these ones from the Wigan store
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Tried this and another last week, mushroom risotto. Awful, truly awful. Save your money.
Not nice
Seems like a bargain, strictly speaking. But the fact is that these are terrible.
A tasty Thai-inspired rice recipe of long grain rice, pepper, aubergine and Thai green curry spices.

Simply pop it on the hob with 460ml of water and simmer for 15-20 minutes - delicious with your favourite Thai curry or why not try it alongside oven roasted garlic chicken or sauteed green vegetables?

Each Veetee Thai Green Curry Savoury Rice box is enough to serve 2 people as a main meal, or 4 people as a side of plate it is only 29p though! I've had this and it's been fine with stuff added! ta op for the trouble.
Haven't tried these flavours yet , good price thanks op.
I've had this a few times and love it, bargain for 29p
It works out at about £1:93 a kg whereas I normally only pay about £1:00 a kg for large bags of long grain or basmati rice. However the small pack size of 150gm is convenient and the herbs and spices are a bonus. I have tried the Italian and the Thai and they are both good quality and tasty. They are selling for £1:40 in Tesco and £1:59 in Waitrose so at 29p in B&M they are excellent value. I have bought a good stock as they will keep for ages.
Frying in olive oil for a few minutes before adding the water is a good idea as it does bring out the flavour of the herbs and spices.
Finally the suggestion of two servings per packet is ok if you are on a diet. LOL!

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