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Posted 1 October 2022

Vegan Quorn Yorkshire Ham/Roast Chicken slices 69p in store @ Farmfoods (Ilford)

In store: Kent · FarmFoods Deals
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  1. Avatar
    Nothing to do with Yorkshire
    Nothing to do with ham or chicken either.
  2. Avatar
    My god! How the hell can they call this stuff ham, let alone "Yorkshire ham"? Same goes for "roast" chicken! 🤦🏻‍♂️
    They haven't called it ham, they've called it ham style slice. Do you get angry at ham crisps?
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    Has it ever crossed your mind that some vegans/vegetarians like the taste of meat but don't agree with the horrific mass mistreatment and slaughter of animals?

    Edit: I'm guessing I enlightened you as you deleted your comment. (edited)
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    its really quite simple, a lot of people turn to being plant based as a lifestyle choice but still crave the things they enjoyed eating before that. so if i can enjoy a chicken curry for example without any animals having to die, good stuff.

    i dont care what the products calls itself or labels itself as. as long as its not made of dead rotting animal flesh, its fine.

    try being a vegan who doesnt actually like vegetables....you're on a very narrow path. but i dont think that animals should be killed just so i can have a sandwich!

    each to their own, now when does farmfoods open?
    I'm not disagreeing with any of that - but I do wonder - in that case, what do you hunt, Hunter?
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    nice one, thank you big fan of the meat free stuff goes down very well in my salads.
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    Great price - thanks 
  7. Avatar
    These are vegetarian, what's your point?