Vegetarian gluten free gummy sweets 29p @ Home Bargains

Vegetarian gluten free gummy sweets 29p @ Home Bargains

LocalFound 30th Nov 2016
Pez Hedz Bearz 75g bags
29p each of 4 bags for £1
These are gelatine and gluten free and 99% fat free
They are exactly like the veggie Percy pigs they do at M&S, but I actually prefer the flavour variety in these ones.
Each pack includes a mix of the following flavours:
Grape with lemon and strawberry ears
Peach with raspberry and strawberry ears
Cherry with blueberry and strawberry ears
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And taste-free. There's nothing left in them
Seems they contain beeswax, so not vegan.
Good price 49p, they are about £1.50 for M&S Percy Pigs or sometimes 2 bags for £2.50 on offer. I'll have to call by my local one, well we have 2 here , 1 small one and 1 fairly large one, hopefully as stock.
Just don't pay with a £5 note oO
29p in Bolton store
Went in today, they're now 29p. Even better! Will change post
4 for £1 now, they must have a tonne of them
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