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Volvo S90 2.0D G4 auto, personal lease - 5k for 18mths for 299.28/mth £5387.18 @ Vehicles for business
Found 11th Jul 2017Found 11th Jul 2017
Contract term : 18 months Rental profile : £2400 + 17 x £154.54 + fee £360 Annual mileage : 5000 Offer expires: 12th Jul 2017 ONE DAY REMAINING Top Speed: 140 mph Fuel Econ… Read more

Nowt. Clicked wrong button. Fixed


What has that got to do with what I said?


This is a personal deal, not a business one. Vehicles for Business are the supplier.


If really want a diesel Volvo better to lease than buy... just search D4 EGR problems and 1000s of forum entries of replacements being done. My own car has just experienced it... a few months out of warranty... we shall see if Volvo bend to the "6 year fit-for-sale" argument when I take it in next week.


True, but I imagine not many people who get a company car. For example, where I work, if you do less than 7500 a year you don't qualify for a company car.

Nissan Juke Lease Deal £111.18 a month Annual mileage 8000 -  £3917.76 total @ Vehicles for Business
Found 11th May 2017Found 11th May 2017
This looked like a good price on a new Juke over the next two years. I know lease deals are a bit hit and miss on here but though I would try it. I have a Qashqai from the same c… Read more
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Ah right, thanks. That's good to know for future reference.


Personally i would be very tempted just to crash this into a wall at 60mph just to improve the looks :( IF i had one.


​Every model, will have their lemons. Which means, that no manufacturer produces cars that are 100% faultless straight from the factory so it's entirely possible to buy any brand new car that will have endless problems because, it is a lemon. For example, this chaps colleague may have the only one of these in the entire world that has had to have three engines in nine months, does that mean every one will be the same? Answer being, no. That is just an example. My neighbour has this car and had zero problems. Doesn't mean they are all the same.


Probably because these are built in Britain...


It seems this was a 'Joke' from nissan design team and nissan wanted to prove however ugly car they produce, there will be enough fools who will buy car from them to keep outgoing. they proved it.

Citroen C1 flair £126 deposit £126 a month at
Found 26th Apr 2017Found 26th Apr 2017
Looking for another lease now mine is coming to an end and came across this citroen C1. Used V4B before and was great. Its £126 deposit £126 a month 2 year contract plus there fee … Read more

1 V4B Customer services manager, she should learn to use the mute function if she plans to chat to colleagues instead of assisting customers. 2 V4B Account manager, sales manager both implied I wouldn’t need to service the car, the car would tell me when it needed servicing (warning light). Not true, car needs to be serviced at 10,000 miles or within a year of when V4B first registered it!!! You’d have thought they’d pass on that little nugget…. Overall I wouldn’t use V4B again, but I would consider a longer lease term next time (I went with 1 year).


What were you wrongly advised?


Still no good c1 leases since the £99 a month one.


Have had a quick look and it can be had from a few companies for a similar price (within £30) in total although with a three month deposit. So if anyone has a specific issue with VFB, they can choose another. Voted hot for the low deposit. For those who want a comparison the Citroen website for PCP has the following costs for 36 months Your Personalised Personal Contract Purchase Quote: On the Road Price\x09£12,035.00 36 Monthly Payments\x09£207.07 Manufacturer Reward\x09£675.00 Vehicle Selling Price\x09£11,360.00 Customer Deposit\x09£500.10 Roadside Assistance\x09£120.00 Duration of Agreement\x0937 Amount of Credit\x09£10,979.90 Total Charge for Credit\x09£1,167.62 Optional Final Payment\x09£4,693.00 Total Amount Payable\x09£12,647.62 Fixed Rate of Interest\x094.9% p.a. APR\x094.9% APR Excess Mileage Charge\x096.6ppm Annual Mileage\x0910000


I didnt have any troubles with the customer service myself. Seems a cheap car for 2 for the spec.

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Citroen Space tourer £51/mth 18 months - £2400.00 Initial rental + 17 Rentals £3267 personal lease @ Vehicles for business
Found 9th Feb 2017Found 9th Feb 2017
Just got an email about this deal and I know I am going to get alot of pain but it may be good for someone.
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Despite time stamps proving otherwise... Just say you didn't see it.


As I said previously. You can choose to think what you think. Nothing to hide here and no reason for me to make anything up. Be a doubter. No one can control what you choose to think.


Yes, given I don't believe you...


That's right. Is it really that hard to comprehend?


You are missing the point as there were only five previous posts to read, but you claim you didn't see a post posted five hours previous to yours...

Audi A4 Saloon 1.4T FSI Sport 4dr lease deal: Total Rental £6122.12 @ VFB
Found 24th Jan 2017Found 24th Jan 2017
Runs out tomorrow but 10000 miles on a £28000 car. 3+23 month deal. £360 admin fee. A4 Saloon 1.4T FSI Sport -£221.62 incl VAT monthly -£664.85 incl VAT initial rental - nathan30… Read more
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Here's one for example.


For this car. Please show me.


Poor deal: sub £6k deals available aplenty


Thanks. New to this stuff


I have the 1.2 in my Skoda which is better than the 1.6 I had in a3

BMW 3 Series Saloon 318i Sport 4dr from V4B. £160.83 + VAT monthly rental £1,447.47 + VAT initial rental. 24 months £6,175.87 (inc VAT) @ Vehicles for business
Found 23rd Jan 2017Found 23rd Jan 2017
Business Contract Hire Contract term: 24 months Rental profile: 9 + 23 Annual mileage: 8000 1.5 litre Petrol Manual Possible £360 admin fee (although not specifically mentioned on… Read more
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Just out of interest was that with summer or winter tyres?


​8000 miles for a business user, just not good enough for most of us.


Same engine as the F56 Mini Cooper. Fairly rapid in that, gutless in a much heavier RWD car.


Total price is £6,535.87. (I included the £360 admin fee in my sums...)


​have had a couple of 3 series and a 5 series and yes they are terrible in ice and snow. Excellent otherwise.

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Fiat Tipo Hatchback 1.4 Easy Plus 5dr 2 year lease - £4619.84 @ Vehicles for Business
Found 11th Jan 2017Found 11th Jan 2017
Processing fee :£360.00 Contract term :24 months Rental profile :9 + 23 Annual mileage :8000 23 monthly rentals of:£133.12 Initial rental:£1198.08 cheap 2 year lease

Looks like a jag.


I had a tipo as first car. It fell apart, exhaust, engine mounts, clutch, gear selectors, fuse box set on fire. Loved it, so crap it made every journey exciting as you didnt know if you'd make it home. Like a top gear challenge of old!


it goes back in 2 months I've had it 22months great car :(


Same :)



SEAT Ateca Estate 1.0 TSI Ecomotive S 5dr lease deal at vehiclesforbusiness
Found 11th Jan 2017Found 11th Jan 2017
a lease deal for anyone wanting something a little bit bigger Processing fee :£360.00 £164.20 incl VAT monthly rentals £1477.76 incl VAT initial rental Personal contract hire Cont… Read more

Looks like the prices of these have dropped. £4056 for 2 years (+ admin fee). SEAT ATECA 1.0 115PS S INITIAL RENTAL £2000+VAT 6,000 MILES PER ANNUM 23 RENTALS £59.99+VAT PERSONAL £71.99 INCLUDING VAT Or NO INITIAL RENTAL 24 straight rentals £149.99+VAT FACTORY ORDER


Been looking at an Ateca 1.4 as my next lease car, found one of the Seat dealers I went to cheaper than online maybe worth a call direct to dealers plus no admin charges etc...


most suv are only used for school runs so why pollute the world with your v6. unlike me who needs it to tow a caravan


A 1.0l for a mid-sized SUV. No thanks...


most reviews say this is the best suv on the road

Audi A4 Saloon 1.4T FSI Sport 4dr £113.16 p/m for 24 months + £3000 initial payment £5602.68 @ Vehicles for business
Found 4th Jan 2017Found 4th Jan 2017
Not Everybody's cup of tea, but a superb deal. Price is monthly and you obviously have to take into account that you need to put £3k down, but overall cost over 23 months and 10k … Read more
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When you add on the £360 admin fee the total cost is £5902. A little bit cheaper (by about £100) than what is currently out there. Most deals are in the £6100 to £7000 range.


As I said, you havn't driven the car. But why would you want to pay over £230/net/month on a non-premium car? You surely would be able to get it for much less? Perhaps better economy? I doubt it if you opt for the same engine with a SEAT or Škoda alternative. But as I, and now others, have said, it's a decent car for a decent price that beats depreciation if you bought it. Nothing to do with car snobbery.


I have this car except i pay 4300 for 2 years 10k miles.. would I recommend it, yes. for people saying it is the entry model there is a model below this so no it is not, for people saying it has no spec, high quality large screen with sat nav, android auto, apple car play, sd card, sim card slot for in car wifi, sports steering wheel, cruise control, audi assist (brakes if it senses a crash) very nice car imo.. faster than most 2.0 diesels with its 150ps.. 2nd gear is awful but other than that it's a bargaiinnnnn


Had this car on lease for just under a year now and cannot fault it. It looks the part both inside and out and is just as quick if not quicker than most 2l turbo Diesel engines of other premium brands. I would recommend this car without hesitation and definately lives up to whatcar car of the year


In your opinion....... In my opinion its a pretty good deal, I have the car on lease from the 4.7k total price last spring and im very pleased with it - it doesnt have lousy audio, the seats might be cloth but lots of people prefer them, it has more than enough power for UK roads unless your a little boy racer and is way better interior dashboard wise than the brands you listed and if bought new would easily lose way more than 5.6k in depreciation over two years Based on your opinion audi would be out of business, but plenty of others like them

Fiat Fullback Diesel 2.4 180hp LX Double Cab Pick Up LCV £6069.60+VAT Business Contract Hire (business users ONLY) 9+23 8k mpa £180.30+vat (£1,622.70+vat Initial Rental) £300+vat booking fee - vehicles for business
Found 13th Nov 2016Found 13th Nov 2016
Apologies I know you guys like the total to be worked out but I have no idea how to do it. Seen a poster on fb this morning on their page for what seems like a cheap deal after com… Read more
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No, I've always bought a car!


​wow. do you have photos of fiats all over your walls with candles lit. you should get a girlfriend mate and occupy your time a little better. obviously you drive a fiat and arn't prepared to hear negative comments on the pretty girly cars


You are negative, this is not Fiat 500 and in any case you are misleading people with old news from 2014 without catching up on fixed news in Jan 2015 and now we are Nov 2016. One year and 10 months you are still negatively burnt in your head and try to put off people with old news.


Really pleased that you have had good fortune. I forgot to mention the dealer network, absolutely laughable. One of my Fiat purchases lasted all of two days. The dealer made such a **** up, the car had to be returned or legal action would have followed. Honestly, I take no great pleasure in slagging off Fiat as they design lovely cars, unfortunately building them is a problem, for me anyway. My favourite two cars were both Fiats. The 500, the last Fiat we bought was a design icon, but almost killed my wife. My previous Fiat to that was a Grande Punto Multijet Sporting. 1.9 diesel that went like stink, and great fuel economy. Alas, Fiat no more as my wife has threatened to have me sectioned as insane if I buy another one!


Surprised as. We have had nine fiats and are currently on our 6th ALFA and the only real problem has been the dealers who are useless. But fortunately there are some good ALFA indys out there.

Citroen C1 Feel from V4B. £99 deposit £99 a month vat included plus £360 process fee. 18 months £2142 @ Vehicles for business
Found 6th Oct 2016Found 6th Oct 2016
Citroen c1 feel on 18 month contract 10k miles £99 initial £99 a month including vat. £360 process fee from v4b. Seems a good price for a run around and other price options as well… Read more

Can someone please explain how much you need to cover on GAP insurance? Is it the value of the car when it's written off against the value of the car when it's taken out of lease? e.g. £7500 - £10000 therefore the GAP is £2500


You don't have to take it but your eyes will water with the costs if you write the car off.


I leased through Skyfleet but contract is with Citroen 1st service on C4 Picasso was £175 with the C1 as courtesy car.


I leased through Skyfleet but contract is with Citroen 1st service on C4 Picasso was £175 with the C1 as courtesy car.


Fair comment, guess it's hard for French companies to shake off that perception of poor quality and reliability from days gone by unlike Skoda who really seem to have nailed it.

Peugeot 2008 1.6 hdi allure 12 months -  £143.99 initial deposit - £143.99 p/m -  £300 processing fee Total £2027.88 @ Vehicles for business
Found 4th Oct 2016Found 4th Oct 2016
After posting the C3 picasso deal last year and coming to an end found this from V4B again. Good spec car for the money and does what i need. £143 initial deposit and £143 a month … Read more

offer is no longer on website, should expire this




link doesn't work, where is the offer?


Sounds dear for a 2008 Peugeot


I got a dent too. Will it cost an arm and a leg?

Ford Focus ST3 TDCI 185 Lease 23+9 - £162.91pm, initial payment £1,466.21, admin fee £360 total £5,573.14 (£232.14pm equivalent) @ Vehicles for business
Found 22nd Jul 2016Found 22nd Jul 2016
Best price around at the moment for a very good all rounder. 8000 miles PA, 23+9 lease. Around £390 more than this excellent deal:… Read more
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I got my local Ford dealer to match this deal so they asked me to send them the quotation and the bloody deal has expired :(:(


I don't order, looks like the deal has expired


​did you order? tempting, very tempting


This morning 6 of these vehicles were available all in frozen white with style pack which includes 19inch alloys.

Car Lease - Audi A3 Hatchback 1.4 TFSI Sport 3dr (£167.02 Inc VAT x 24 ) +(360 processing Fee) + (9+23 £1503 initial payment) = £5704.46for 24 month lease @ V4B 8k miles
Found 28th Jun 2016Found 28th Jun 2016
This is for the new 66 plate Audi A3 3dr in September which has a new face lift - Sports model comes with sports suspension, Bluetooth, SD Sat Nav, Cruise Control, 17'' Alloys. … Read more

I'm genuinely considering leasing. Could someone please explain what the 9+23 rental profile means? Any other tips and advice? I'm 29. Been driving since 17 but have always bought used cars under £4k and then spent loads on servicing and maintenance over the years. I fancy drivimg a new car now.




Why do you need sports suspension in a car that will probably just be used to take little charlie to school n back, and drive to Sainsburys once a week?


Why don't you have a look - you might be surprised.


Self respect???

More Citroen Lease Deals again such as Citroen C4 Cactus Hatchback 1.2 PureTech [82] Flair 5dr for £144/month (incl VAT) - £2689.20 @ Vehicles for business
Found 28th Jun 2016Found 28th Jun 2016
Vehicles for Business has sent an email with two (maybe 3) interesting Citroen deals. The ever-popular Cactus is back at £144/month for 18 months, 10,000 miles per year. Citroen … Read more
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I have a hello yellow on a 12 month lease. It's a head turner.


Paint - Solid Solid - Hello yellow oO Metallic for extra £495.00


Good deal, thank you for sharing.


In before "that is one fugly motor".


Been looking for a Citroen C4 cactus lease deal. Was going to get 1.6 diesel flair but it was more like £213 with metallic paint. What colour does this come as standard in? Hope it isn't Hello yellow, not my cup of tea. Also why 18 months? Is it cause this time of year lease deals are pretty good and they want people to have to get another lease car around Christmas when deals aren't as good?

Peugeot 208 GTI Prestige 9+23 months  £131.99 / month personal lease £4583.68 vehiclesforbusiness
Found 22nd Jun 2016Found 22nd Jun 2016
Seems like a pretty good deal to me. Not often you can find the 208 GTI on a good lease deal. £131.99 per month Inc. VAT x 23 months £1187.91 deposit £360 processing fee 8000 annu… Read more

Am I the only one who realises this deal is not even available??


Can anyone advise if I go to my local Peugeot they will offer leases and match a deal like the ones I can find on the web ?


Link doesn't work and can't find the deal on the website ?


Me too, but I'm tied into a lease atm with a couple of years left! I'm tempted to give it a test drive but that will do more harm than good if I enjoy it :P I haven't had any experience with V4B personally, but there's been a few posts from there popping up recently and nobody's had anything bad to say about them, if that helps.


The more I look at this deal the more tempted I'm becoming. Test drove a 208 gti Peugeot sport at the weekend and was pleasantly surprised by it. Has a anyone here had any experiences with this company before?

citroen c1 18 month lease £66.60 incl VAT monthly rentals £599.40 incl VAT initial rental @ vehiclesforbusiness
Found 19th May 2016Found 19th May 2016 Seems a good price for a runaround... Rental - 17*£66.60 … Read more
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if you can afford the upfront works out a bit cheaper here:


Seems logical - well done...


truculent ˈtrʌkjʊl(ə)nt/ adjective eager or quick to argue or fight; aggressively defiant. "the truculent attitude of farmers to cheaper imports"


Voted cold for OP's truculent attitude.


you seem to be missing the point. We are all here to take advantage of great deals as and when. we work together and post deals as we come across them and by doing so we can enjoy these deals before they expire. by posting misleading information it damages the reputation of the poster, of the forum and creates mistrust.

Citroen C1 Lease, 18months, 10k miles pa, £68.54pm with £616.90 deposit - Total £1782.08 @ VehiclesForBusiness
Found 17th May 2016Found 17th May 2016
Good deal on a Citroen C1 Lease with Vehicles for Business. £68.54 a month with £616.90 deposit (both inc VAT). 10k miles per year. Available without deposit too putting the mont… Read more
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Strange that as I have just received my monthly Invoice from Citroen Contract Motoring.


Mine arrived last week. Loving it so far! Thanks OP for making me aware!


I contacted Citroen & they said they didnt do Leasing direct, & put me through to Evans Halshaw Leasing!


in total for the duration of the lease I will pay £2000 flat just add fuel ;)


Hi guys. I had the C1 FEEL deal around year ago and my lease is coming to an end next week. I went in to my local Citroen Dealer and he has offered me the C1 FLAIR 5 DOOR 1.2 with a colour of my choice (metallic, I chose the Carlnite Grey) I pay £100/per month 1+ 17 month (18month). Initial payment of £300. no admin fee no deposit no catch. I had a little discount added as I decided to carry on with citroen fiance motoring. and to top this great deal I get 15,000 miles per year. (22,500) for the duration of the lease !!!!!! I don't know why we deal with these lease companies who offer admin fee's for them to "process" the deal LOL

Citroen C1 Hatchback 1.2 PureTech Feel 5dr / V2B / £105.07pm £1891.32 @ Vehicles for Business
Found 31st Mar 2016Found 31st Mar 2016
Think this is the cheapest C1 PureTech lease going at the minute. 18months 10k miles pa £399.46 initial payment £360 processing fee £66.58 per month Total - £1891.32 / 18 months… Read more

Bore off, you post the same comment on every deal. It's a joint venture between Toyota and Citroen and it's made in Czech Republic... so it's a French brand, but the car it's self isn't really that French, as had been pointed to you before, although I'm not entirely sure you can read.




Shame it's not the Flair, much better kit, the only Flair they have is ETG (automatic). Seems a good deal @ around £100 a month with no road tax and only 1 service needed, although you will essentially lose 6m of the value of the service as you hand it back. Been looking at a 3+23 deal on the Flair based on 5,000 miles (that's all daughter needs), coming out at £93 a month with a lower upfront than this, works out about £115 a month which is more than your deal, so if its what you want I doubt you'll find a cheaper deal. NB with the Flair you get (for one thing) a reversing camera, which you can option for £180. Evans Halshaw (via WhatCar) offer free metallic paint also.