Veho Kuzo VCC-002, True HD (1080P) Digital 5Mpix Camcorder with 3" Touch Screen [£95.43 Del @ Ebuyer]

Veho Kuzo VCC-002, True HD (1080P) Digital 5Mpix Camcorder with 3" Touch Screen [£95.43 Del @ Ebuyer]

Found 19th Aug 2009
Reposting this for those who missed it last time as it's just come back instock today. 1p cheaper!!!

The Kuzo range of HD Camcorders redefines the world of video capture. The VCC-002HD records in Super HD resolution (1920x1080p) which means that picture quality is sharp and vivid in any environment. Other unique features include the large 3.0 colour screen with touch panel menu control, Digital camera stills of up to 8 megapixels and the pioneered Tacton soft rubber touch body. It also has full HDMI port support so you can connect direct to your HD Television in glorious full and true high definition.

Super HD (True 1920x1080p) 5 Mega pixel Cmos Optics for digital stills
20x Optical/Digital zoom
High resolution 3" Touch screen
Ultra soft rubber grip body using Tacton technology
USB & HDMI port
ISO 1600
Motion detection
Video Stablization
Digital light / Night model
USB Charging option
You Tube Direct Software
Internal 128MB (SD card slot - upto 32GB)
4000x3000 still images in high quality mode
Video file format: AVI (H.264)
NP60 Lith-ion Battery


cheap and nasty or worth the ££?

looks good...might have to tell my parents about that one.

hopefully they'll get one and be able to record me at my racing day at the weekend in a subaru

It's probably not a bad little camcorder but I believe worth, say £69.95 at the very most!

Do I assume that this can ONLY be plugged into a HD TV (HDMI socket) plus the computer. I.E. no AV for normal TV's.

I wonder if the USB will work with my DVD recorder (USB)

Anyone reccomend an SD card for this, just ordered mine but unsure what cards are best, would like 16 or 32 Gig but not sure what difference between SD/SDHC is and whether one would work better ?

Cheers, plumped for the 16GB as I dont always get to my computer and will only find a way to fill 8GB by taping crap. Ta for the pointers

mamboboy;6058516's a video I recorded last …'s a video I recorded last week. The first half is pretty poor because I was in the shadow and I didn't realise (plus it was a very dreary day), gets decent in the second part, though.Personally I don't think it's cheap and nasty. Even though it's made in China (what isn't these days?), Veho are a British company so you shouldn't have to deal with sending it to Asia if something goes wrong in the 1st year. The footage I've posted is definitely better than the Toshiba Camileo S10 which has a pretty poor framerate and stabilization...watching just one video on Youtube makes me feel a little sick.The LCD screen rotates 360 degrees, works well but admittedly doesn't cope great in the sunlight as the screen is plastic and not glass.The battery life was very good. I was using it off and on from around 3PM on Saturday and by 12AM and the battery was 2/3 bars full. Great when you take in mind the £160 Flip MinoHD has up to 4 hours on full charge (on a tiny 1.5inch screen) and an unexpandlable 2GB memory. This one can take up to 30GB if I remember rightly.You can see my other comments on it on the Youtube link If anyone has any questions just ask... :thumbsup:

I'm interested in this, have been looking at getting the Sanyo Xacti CG10.

The outdoor footage I've seen shot on this camera looks really nice, but I'd like to see some footage shot indoors to see how well it fairs.

Would you be able to post an indoor sample shot on the Veho


This might sound a little odd, but if someone who has this product has the time, could you try and take a pic of it in your hand. Ive seen the spec and the sizes but curious as to just how big it is in comparison to an average hand. Actually, that does sound like an odd request
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