Veho VDC-001-Lite USB Powered Desktop Fan - £4.97 @ Amazon

Veho VDC-001-Lite USB Powered Desktop Fan - £4.97 @ Amazon

Found 6th Jun 2011
Rid yourself of that stuffy office feeling by cooling yourself down at your desk with the Veho USB Desktop Fan. This funky USB powered fan will keep you nice and cool without blowing your paperwork all over the office. It features a lenghthy 1.5m USB cable and saftey foam blades so no risk of lost fingers and can be alternatively powered by AA batteries.
Product Description
At gadgetshop HQ, we don't bother much for fans, given that our lab is so well chilled by cryonic thermocoolers than even in August it's positively Baltic. But you may not be so lucky, and, like myriad British workers, rely on a humble deskfan for refreshment as you slave over that hot keyboard of yours. Having seen a tribe of USB-compatible mug warmers, slippers and all manner of heat-inducing devices, now it's the turn of a new generation of cooling gadgets to help one chill out at one's desk. So now's the time to cool it and take a chill pill (in a strictly metaphorical sense, you understand). Looking for all the world like a standard desk fan, this version provides a chill blast of Arctic air into one's visage, de-stressing and de-misting on even the most humid of deskbound August days. Despite its digital pedigree, it has old-style analogue controls at heart. For swift and efficacious operation, simply plug into the handy little USB port on one's computer and deftly flick the switch on the front. And there. Instant relief from global warming. For about 20 years.

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