Velux Windows and Flashing kits 20% OFF at B&Q

Velux Windows and Flashing kits 20% OFF at B&Q

Found 15th Jul 2007
was in B&Q today, looking at the Velux range, and noticed the smallest ever "Sale 20% OFF" sign I've ever seen.
The bathrooms and kitchens are all huge banners but this was just a sticker on the pricing bar.

Asked a member of staff and it applies to ALL stores, they didn't have the size I wanted so I went to the nearest store on the way home and they were on sale their too.

If you're buying the larger windows it's a huge saving, worked out even cheaper than the cheapest quote I'd had from the many builders/roofing merchants I'd tried.
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I've just had 4 Velux windows put in a loft conversion and the cheapest I can find them is at ]http//ww…php

If anyone knows a cheaper source, let me know.
I'm also after a Velux window and tried the site you suggested, but can only find blinds and not the window itself...

Can anyone else suggest a cheaper source for Velux windows other than B&Q?

The last time I bougtht Velux (which was a few years ago now), they came from Magnets. Don't know if they still do them but they were the cheapest at the time, 25% off list.

The only other place that said it would have come close was Jewsons, the guy I was speaking to in there said he would have beat the price to get the order, but they normally say that when you have just bought somewhere else ;-)

B+Q in Grimsby had them on sale too and I seem to remember seeing something up about 10% off for seniors or trade accounts or something, could make them really cheap if I wasn't imagining it :?

Anyone else seen or know anything about this extra 10% off or was I imagining it?
Try screwfix.
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