Velvet Quilted Toilet Rolls (9) ONLY £3.00 @ Co-op Foods (INSTORE ONLY)

Velvet Quilted Toilet Rolls (9) ONLY £3.00 @ Co-op Foods (INSTORE ONLY)

Found 3rd Sep 2017
Velvet Quilted Toilet Rolls (9) ONLY £3.00

9 Rolls 3 Ply Tissue
Average 165 sheets per roll
Average sheet size 116mm x 104.5mm
Average roll length 19.14m
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What price normally ?
kevessex4 m ago

What price normally ?

£4. Tesco had a better deal on a bigger pack however. Not sure if still avail.
Possible 30pence off with NUS student discount
16 for £5 in Wilkos
I saw these in the co-op and they have their own quilted co-op 9 rolls for £2.99. I looked on the packets and there was a difference of 70 sheets per roll (co-op has more) or something like that. 9x70 = 630 at 2 sheets per wipe on average and 10 wipes per number two visit thats an extra 31 visits you can make with the co-op version for the same price.

I'd say thats pretty sneaky of Velvet and they are not the only one beware!…ts/
cheers op been looking for these cheap as poss works out 33p a roll where average is 50p a roll, the ones that are cheaper such as at waitrose (21pack) you try finding any stock them same with iceland (6pack) becomes hens teeth goose chase.

anyway went 3 co-ops and cleared them out, and saved myself £31 ish spare room is filled up for a while now and wife is not nagging me to get some

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