Velvet Toilet Tissue 24Pack £7 @Asda

Velvet Toilet Tissue 24Pack £7 @Asda

Found 17th Apr 2013
Picked this up yesterday.

£7 per pack in Asda Gateshead, aisle end away from their own brand stuff which was a quid more than the velvet lol
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Visit the velvet website and get a voucher for 50p off making them £6.50
Ah I missed that
Stocked up anwyay lol
If you printed the voucher last time can you print again
9.99 + vat for 40 at Makro
Just got this at Asda canterbury. They don't make it easy to compare the real pack sizes do they! Sheet size and number per roll on some, square meterage on others! Decided this was quite good though, if I can find out how to do 'hot' on my phone i will!
a great deal if you have elderly relatives coming to stay over the Bank Holiday weekend
not a patch on Andrex quilted..4 ply instead of 3.
anyone got the link for the voucher?
Not in my Asda
Not in my asda too,
We have 18 for £7 in my asda

Not in my asda too,We have 18 for £7 in my asda

Thought that was the case with the store I visited, that was until I noticed they on display at the end of an aisle, managed to get the last pack on display.
I got a better deal 36 Nicky toilet tissues for £7.50 at Staples i.e 18 for £3.75
2Ply Nicky toilet rolls
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Just Been to ASDA Gateshead theres now a huge stack of em at the entrance.
Ditto. Didn't find on my first trip, went today and a huge pile right by the door, you can't miss them ! And I used the 50p voucher from the Velvet website
Asda in Isle of Dogs had them!
These were £5 in my local Asda (Chapeltown, Sheffield) last night. Quite annoying as I had bought them at £7 last week! Didn't stop me stocking up though. Less than 21p per roll. Bargain.
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Still available at Edmonton Asda, end cap. Just be wary that you don't pick up an 18 pack, as they have strategically mixed them up.
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