Vengeance Trilogy: Subtitled/Korean: Deluxe Edition: 6dvd: Box Set HMV
Vengeance Trilogy: Subtitled/Korean: Deluxe Edition: 6dvd: Box Set   HMV

Vengeance Trilogy: Subtitled/Korean: Deluxe Edition: 6dvd: Box Set HMV

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This collectable set includes three of director Chan-Wook Park's most celebrated films; his vengeance trilogy. Although the films do not follow on from one another, they have the same central theme at their centres; retribution and its effects on both the victim and the aggressor.

This collection of three ultra violent films includes SYMPATHY FOR MR VENGEANCE, OLDBOY and LADY VENGEANCE and features a plethora extras.

Separately these are becoming deleted, so i snapped this up as the price wasn't bad and who knows when it may become available again. Selling for £26 on playtrade so expect some here will be buying for ebay. :P


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Ah nvm, poor spelling in the search box didn't throw up last weeks post. Still, worth grabbing now.

Then people who missed that one would have missed out, so good thing you posted, hot! :thumbsup:

The dribbling "repost criers" - do not deserve appeasement (they need a slap actually).

Great films, good price, that more do you want in a deal?

great boxset great deal. this set is now out of print so get it now!

not seen these films but heard great things!

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Here is a list of tartan films that are about to become hard to find
* Ab-Normal Beauty
* Acacia
* Another Public Enemy
* Arang
* A Snake of June
* Battle Royale
* Battle Royale II: Requiem
* A Bittersweet Life
* Bloody Reunion
* Bloody Ties
* The Booth
* Cello
* Divergence
* Doppelganger
* Dorm
* Election
* The Eye
* The Eye 2
* The Eye Infinity
* Face
* The Ghost
* H
* The Happiness of the Katakuris
* The Heirloom
* Heroic Duo
* Infection
* Koma
* The Maid
* Marebito
* Memento Mori
* Natural City
* Oldboy
* One Take Only
* Phone
* Pray
* Premonition
* R-Point
* The Red Shoes
* Reincarnation
* Ring
* Ring 2
* Ring 0
* Shiri
* Shutter
* Sympathy for Lady Vengeance
* Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance
* A Tale of Two Sisters
* Tetsuo: The Ironman
* Tetsuo II: Body Hammer
* Three... Extremes
* Three... Extremes 2
* Triad Election (aka Election 2 )
* Versus
* Whispering Corridors
* Wishing Stairs

Worth hunting for now.

OLDBOY is an amazing film..... even if u dont buy the set.... find oldboy it is well worth watching!!!!
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