Verballs - Skype Internet VOIP Toy - £2.99 +£4.95 delivery

Verballs - Skype Internet VOIP Toy - £2.99 +£4.95 delivery

Found 28th Feb 2008
Found this great bargain today was Voted Gift 2006 award

Great litle Skype telephone toy thingy. Plug into USB por acts as a handsfree Skype Phone also Lips move in Sync to the other caller.

Great bit of kit and for £2.99 In Store or Add extra £4.95 or delivery. Not sure what retail price was.

Also acts as a seaker for MP3s etc see for details
Comes with Skype Out Voucher for 30 ms of calls to Any wordwide Telephone.

Great for Kids and even Xmas presents

2 models available. Baby and Britney
Product Code - Baby Boys one E-24385
Product Code - Briney E-24394
Product Code - Britney Girls One



Have you ever bought from this company?

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Yes the local to me and very reputable bought one this afternon and can vouch for them
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