Verbatim 4GB USB Flash Drive (Pinstripe) £1.75 @Asda
Verbatim 4GB USB Flash Drive (Pinstripe) £1.75  @Asda

Verbatim 4GB USB Flash Drive (Pinstripe) £1.75 @Asda

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Went to my local ASDA and saw the VERBATIM 4GB FLASH (Pinstripe) for £1.75. I got the guy to check, he says its not a mis-price and they had a box full of them.

Think previously posted at £3.50

Needless to say i bought 10

This was at NUNEATON store, the guy didnt think it was store specific, and checked COVENTRY had them too.


I'll buy one off you (_;)
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You are so gonna get haters unless you've got a pic. Hot from me.

Well the last time this was posted nobody else could find them. I will try on the way home today...

These were a £7 at my local Asda 2 weeks ago, today they are a tenner oO. Defo not nationwide. Great if you can find them tho.

Whoops, forgot to mention my local Asda is Barrow-in-Furness

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Looking for pic

HOT bargain

Only had the pink ones at Wolstanton at 5:30pm. They were £10.

store specfic! i bet.. i got slated last time as mine must have been store specific! but good find!! and yu have 10 :O jealouss!

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Maybe local deal, Nuneaton and both Coventry Ricoh and Coventry Cross point had them in.

..and then you bought some magic beans on the way home



Only had the pink ones at Wolstanton at 5:30pm. They were £10.

Same in Trafford park

Did they have any left after you kindly took 10 ?

Here we go again. This same deal keeps cropping up again and again - these tend to be store specific and hardly anyone ends up getting one.

Red hot (if you can find any)

Not available in ASDA Coleraine

I got some last time this deal was posted and although it is national its store pacific

I don't dee the problem with posting these specific in-store deals as long as the location is clearly stated - preferably in the title.

Yes, the likelyhood that you'll find that price at your local store is remote but ocassionally you're lucky - I was a few weeks ago when I looked in my local ASDA and found loads of Verbatim memory being heavily discounted. I wouldn't even have bothered looking if it wasn't for a few people posting up these deals here. Anyone who travels miles just to see if this is available at their store want their heads testing.

Basically, you cannot possibly vote cold on a deal like this unless it's either misleading (claiming to be nationwide, or not giving the specific location, for example) or suspect that the op is telling porkies or won't provide reasonable evidence.

(1) Coventry Ricoh and Coventry Cross point are both Tescos, not Asdas

(2) I need some pen drives and live next to the asda/tescos near Cross point. Neither had them in stock and the staff in both of them knew nothing about an offer. Cheapest in tescos was £10, similiar in asda

As soon as I see this deal I'm buying all their stock.



Looking for pic

10 !!! FFS You should have bought the lot at that price.... I would have


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Oh look, heres the offer..http://lh3.ggpht.com/_yGr5sLzphxA/TNsZy3LkaVI/AAAAAAAAABE/MqX8T1bUR3w/s128/IMG_0042.JPG

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And heres me buying 10....and yes i made a mistake with the store names, the guy in NUNEATON said BOTH COVENTRY Stores had them. I gave location names for TECSO not ASDA, Sorry bout that (Was just sorting out my clubcard points at the time!!)http://lh4.ggpht.com/_yGr5sLzphxA/TNsZzA2gUeI/AAAAAAAAABI/_mZY22pbwqM/s128/IMG_0043.JPG

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Maxmix, would have if id had more cash on me!! I have a computer shop and cant even buy them at this price from my suppliers - ill be back in the mornin to see how much of the "box full" that he said they have is left

Previously posted various times, but people always seem to complain about being store specific. Hot if you can get them though.


Good on you for the proof, I just phoned nuneaton and the guy working there doesn't know anything about it and can't find them so they might be gone by now. For that price I'd pop over!
(rephoned cov and they didn't know anything either)

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These were in photo area not the electricals bit where the phones n ipods are. I saw them as i came from the serve urself checkouts.

Not in Penryn, again. (They have the pinstripe flash drive but its £10 like all the others)

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All gone in Nuneaton. couple of hotdealers went and got the last ones this mornin. Was hot while it lasted. We never get the store deals, so was chuffed.
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