Verbatim 500Gb MediaStation Pro Wireless Network Multimedia Hard Drive £142.31 @

Verbatim 500Gb MediaStation Pro Wireless Network Multimedia Hard Drive £142.31 @

Found 7th Sep 2009
Verbatim 500GB MediaStation Pro Wireless
Store and play Multimedia files of all types including music, video and photos on your TV or home theatre.
Stream internet radio via Shoutcast or Icecast, and/or multimedia content from your PC directly through your home wireless network.

# Wireless Connection: Supports IEEE 892.11g (54Mbps), with 5dBi antenna that provides high quality wireless connections

# Internet Radio: Shoutcast & Icecast compatible. Easily access radio servers over the internet for hundreds of online radio stations in digital quality

# HDMI - High Definition Multimedia Interface

# Digital connection of video and audio 1080p

# FTP File server function: Provide access to storage via network. You can connect to other online computers or directly play multimedia content

# USB 2.0 Host Function: Connect flash drives, card readers, portable hard drives

# Digital Audio 5.1: For connecting to home theatre devices that support Dolby Digital or the DTS surround sound system

# MediaStation Pro User Interface: Easy file/folder navigation

# Privacy: Protect certain content via a password

# Connectivity Interfaces: HDMI Component Video S Video Composite Video Stereo Audio Digital Audio Optical Digital Audio Coaxial USB Host x2 LAN (10/100Mbps) Wireless LAN

# Operating Temperature: 0°C - 60°C

# Operating Humidity: 10% - 50%

# HDD File System: FAT 32


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