Verbatim DVD+R x 100 £5 instore @ ASDA

Verbatim DVD+R x 100 £5 instore @ ASDA

LocalFound 19th May 2017
5p per disc Again not for everyone

£19+ elsewhere
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which store?
i bought polaroid £4 for 100 lol

i bought polaroid £4 for 100 lol

​These days that is a bit like saying you bought Asda own-brand media.
none in asda middle brook

which store?

these were in Coryton, Cardiff, Caerphilly was all sold out. I went Looking for the cheap Hard Drives but was obviously beaten by everyone else coz I left it too late really all that was left were the £81 2TB Toshibas!

Nobody had reported these I saw them a few days ago and today still all on the shelf, but Im not sure if thats because people dont use them as much or because no-one had reported them on sale!

I took all the DVD-Rs but left the 3 DVD+Rs
In Keighley there were only Polaroid-branded disks. A minion said they had sold the last of the non-polaroid ones weeks ago. The Keighley branch is being refurbished and otherwise cover-up which doesn't help the bargain hunting.
DVD recordable Discs WWHHOOOOO
if there will be EMP attack only this can protect your data, all hard drives , pen drives etc will vanish but who need any of pictures and movies from holiday when there won't be clean water to drink ehhhhhhhh
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