Veronica Mars Season Two  - £9.99 Delivered

Veronica Mars Season Two - £9.99 Delivered

Found 3rd Jan 2008
I love this show personally and was shocked to see MovieTyme selling it for £10 (and the other two seasons are still standard price).

The DVD is Region One encoded but does work on UK players (apparently Warner Brothers don't actually encode them, they just pretend that they do).

Details of the season from the site:

In the wealthy, seaside community of Neptune, California, the rich and powerful make the rules. Unfortunately for them, there's Veronica Mars, a smart, fearless 17-year-old apprentice private investigator. In season two, the Mars family finds themselves embroiled in another season-long mystery hitting closer to home, following a new local tragedy. Meanwhile, after a summer of surprises and sordid murder trials, Logan and best friend Duncan Kane find themselves at odds, while Veronica must deal with her increasingly complicated romantic life and a whole new school year with familiar and surprising fresh faces.


"apparently Warner Brothers don't actually encode them, they just pretend that they do" - eh so that means I can lend my 'region 1' boxsets to my workmate when he doesn't have a multiregion player? Cool! Didn't know that will have to give this a try later.

Is that true about the dvd region? If so this is an amazing deal.

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I have tried both season one and two (yet to try three) on UK PS2s and Xbox units (as my DVD player is multi-region anyway) and they both worked fine. Have heard other people say the same too, so I'd say yes it shall work on UK players without a problem.

Yep, I can confirm that. I have Seasons 1 and 2, both of which I've watched via my computer which is currently set on Region 2. You can watch these without changing the region, so they're essentially multi-region DVDs.

It's a great show as well - I'm in the process of trying to find Season 3 somewhere for a reasonable price, but this is a great price for S2. Shame for me that this deal isn't for S3.

Price appears to have gone up to £23.99

DVD Pacific have got "Gilmore Girls/Veronica Mars: Season One Starter Pack [12 Discs]" for £21.99 + delivery.…787
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