Versace Mens' 4 x 5ml Miniatures Gift Set - Exclusive to Boots, £12.37 (Click And Collect To Store)

Versace Mens' 4 x 5ml Miniatures Gift Set - Exclusive to Boots, £12.37 (Click And Collect To Store)

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Was £13.75. Original thread here…618
You could decant into a mini spray atomiser (see thread above).

Versace Mens 4 x 5ml Miniature Gift Set - Exclusive to Boots

Contains 1 x Eau Fraiche 5, 1 x Dylan Blue 5ml, 1 x Eros 5ml, 1 x Oud Noir 5ml
2902658.jpgThis miniature collection contains four popular Versace men’s fragrances, making it a perfect way to experience the luxurious world of Versace perfume!

Eau Fraiche 1 x 5ml
Versace Man Eau Fraiche is an Aromatic/Tonic/Woody fragrance designed for the strong and self-confident man who is fond of luxury. Decidedly more composed and introspective than Versace Man, it is elegant understatement with an alluring charm; no longer an 'in-your-face' sensuality but rather a willingly contained one. It contains the most classic ingredients of men's scents but which are refreshed with some unusual notes to give life to a surprisingly fresh fragrance. Top notes of white lemon, rose wood and carambola give way to a heart of tarragon, clary sage and cedar leaves. The base notes of sycamore wood, amber and musk complete the fragrance by offering mysterious and skin deep sensations.

Dylan Blue 1 x 5ml
Dylan Blue is a fougere fragrance for men that has a highly distinctive, woody aroma. This is a result of precious natural ingredients being blended with the latest generation of molecules; a new quality musk, with mineral accents sets off the intense and seductive character of this fragrance. The fragrance starts out with the incisive Mediterranean freshness of bergamot, fig leaves and grapefruit that is deepened and rounded off by aquatic notes. The virile heart of violet, black pepper, ambrox, papyrus and patchouli is powerful and pulsating before tonka bean, saffron and incense provide a warm, sensual dry down.

Eros 1 x 5ml
Versace Eros has a unique aura; it is sensual on the skin and reassuringly virile.These are the keys to the hymn of love announced by Eros, the triumphant and flamboyant seducer! The Fresh/Oriental/Woody fragrance has intense, vibrant and glowing top notes of mint leaves, lemon zest and green apple. These give way to a sensual heart of ambroxan, geranium and tonka bean which in turn gives way to a base of vanilla, vetiver, oak moss accord and cedarwood.

Oud Noir 1 x 5ml
The seduction of a desert sunset with a warm breeze in the air giving a feeling of well-being, Oud Noir has a sensual, almost aphrodisiacal aroma. It is an intense and regal composition with top notes of bitter orange, neroli and black pepper that give way to a heart of cardamom, saffron and olibanum. Intensely dark oud enriches the base, wrapped by the elegant and sensual duo of patchouli and leatherwood.
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Great little set for about 3 quid a bottle...great way to try without payin much
Urgh, for some reason my tablet posted this Deal twice!! Deleted the other one.
£3 for a tiny bottle . Not a deal for me but maybe to some
ally14119 m ago

£3 for a tiny bottle . Not a deal for me but maybe to some

So i presume you pay about 60 quid for 100ml ...this works out about same....but if you just wanting to try a few different ones out..u cant go wrong...
Also handy if you want to bring a few different ones on holiday.
Bought it last time it was posted my 18 year old son seems to really like.
good deal, makes a good gift. also you may find something you like without buying a whole bottle, heat!!
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