Vertical Limit / Twister / Daylight [3 Film Box set] - £5.95 del. @ !

Vertical Limit / Twister / Daylight [3 Film Box set] - £5.95 del. @ !

Found 20th Apr 2008
Vertical Limit: (2000) An emotionally-charged action-adventure tale of a retired climber (Chris O´Donnell) who must launch a treacherous and extraordinary rescue effort up K2, the world´s second highest peak, to save his estranged sister and her summit team in a race against time....

Twister: (1996) In this adventure swirling with cliffhanging excitement and awesome special effects, Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton play scientists pursuing the most destructive weatherfront to seep through mid America's Tornado Alley in 50 years. By launching electronic sensors into the funnel, the storm chasers hope to obtain enough data to create an improved warning system. In order to do so, they must place themselves in the twisters' deadly path...

Day Light: (1996) An accidental explosion rips through a jammed commuter tunnel beneath the Hudson River between Manhattan and New Jersey, sealing off both ends and trapping a diverse band of survivors inside. A disgraced former emergency medical services chief (Stallone) manages to reach them and struggles through fire, noxious, gases, explosions, collapsing walls, massive flooding and rats to lead them to daylight.


Great movies....particularly Twister....voted HOT

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Great Deal Edi! Works out less the £2 each a movie. Voted Hot!

very very hot - another great find! keep them coming pls


Twister good, Daylight Very good, Vertical Limit ****.

Still great deal! Shame I have them already
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