Vertigo Rockface 24" Boys Dual Suspension Bike - Half Price - £80 @ Tesco Direct

Vertigo Rockface 24" Boys Dual Suspension Bike - Half Price - £80 @ Tesco Direct

Found 28th Apr 2011
half price bikes in tesco on the shelf and direct. lots more. this has 18 speed shimano gears and front and rear v brakes. comes in a blue and black finish. argos also has half price bikes but hard to get one in stock. can also use easter clubcard double up on points on bikes
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But something half decent, it annoys me people buying these bikes, they are heavy and not made well. People buying these bikes for their kids as well. I would never but these type of bikes.
People always spend hundreds on car seats, Bikes are no different,
Better made, better safety and brakes.
Totally agree - what does a kid need dual-suspension and 18 gears for? (OK maybe the 18 gears to get the thing moving because it's so damned heavy). My 11yo son borrowed a similar bike from a neighbour - I could hardly lift the thing. I bought him an Islabike - 8 rear gears, no suspension. He's covered about 50 miles on it in the last fortnight and will still be riding it in 3 years.
Because they are affordable to people on low incomes.

We'll be getting "bike shaped object" comments next.
Cheap bikes are ok as long as you avoid suspension. Something like this at halfords is much better. Its lighter, faster and more enjoyable to ride. More importantly there is less to go wrong and less maintenance because of it.…d=t
Cold from me but not because of the weight but because i got this for less than £45 2yrs ago from tesco
Its not a bad bike but not good at that price, better to buy a scooter
well said i recently bought a challenge folding bike from Argos, God and that was a nightmare even to assemble, the bike itself was 75 quid and the bike shop was asking 35 quid to assemble it for really looked and felt cheap ...luckily i returned that Sh!t and got my money back so no more cheap drilling
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