Very best of Doors CD, £2.99 delivered @ HMV + Quidco

Very best of Doors CD, £2.99 delivered @ HMV + Quidco

Found 27th Mar 2009Made hot 28th Mar 2009
While everyone else was running about with flowers in their hair spreading peace and love, Jim Morrison flirted with the darkside and got into his big Dionysian trip, but then The Doors hometown of L.A. wasn't such as easy going and far out as San Francisco in the late 60s. L.A. bred harder edged bands like Love in the psychedelic era.The Doors too had a less whimsical, tough sound that was more like a musical fever dream, taking the listener to darker places than their happy, hippie contempories. Jim was a born star, pulling off the neat trick of developing a persona that hinted at wild sexual abandon and intellectual depth. That his poetry didn't live up to his self-created hype (Rhyming snake with lake is never going to win you the big poet prize) doesn't matter. He tried to expand the boundaries of rock lyrics and the music matched his vision. Fierce riffs and swirling organs mix with jazzier inflections to create a sound that has dated far better than other groups from the same period.

Jim martyred himself at the correct rock age of 27,founding an enduring myth that has seen him become a poster boy for disaffected teenagers in each successive generation. This best of contains all the hits and makes me smile when I think of the sheer oddness of some of the music. Jim's charisma helped carry their genuinely subversive art into the pop charts where they shone out in a bland sea of bubblegum pop and by-the-numbers flower power hits. No CD collection is complete without The Doors

Break On Through
Light My Fire
Love Me Two Times
Hello I Love You
People Are Strange
Strange Days
Riders On The Storm
Touch Me
Roadhouse Blues
Peace Frog
Love Street
Crystal Ship
Soul Kitchen
Love Her Madly
Back Door Man
Alabama Song
Moonlight Drive
The Unknown Soldier
The End


Brilliant band, and I actually prefer collections to their studio albums (which had too many fillers for me).

This is a great price - I'd recommend the album to anyone wanting to give them a try. No "When The Music's Over" though!!!! :?

sound! cheers!

I have the double best of, and it is just so great. Love their music. Deffo hot at tis price.
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