Very Cheap Garnier Ambre Solaire Men 30 Sun cream

Very Cheap Garnier Ambre Solaire Men 30 Sun cream

Found 23rd Apr 2007
This might not be available in all Boots but in Ipswich they have Ambre Solaire Men 30SPF sun cream 100ml for Just £1.00 and its also included in the Buy One Get One Free promotion. I got 6 tubs for £3.00. The Guy on the checkout seemed a bit suprised. On one website its £13.99 a bottle. It may just be a price error in the Ipswich store but hey its worth checking out if you can


Nice post - i'm off to Boots first thing to check it out

Me too tomorrow :thumbsup:

OMG an instore deal which is actually near to where i live!:-D

Awww I dont live near Ipswich but will take a hike to my local in lunch hour tomorrow to see if its the same where I am, will keep you posted!

Good find, Hot Hot Hot!!

well has anyone been yet?


been into the Sheffield stock there and it is possibly Skiing suntan lotion as that was done for men and has recently been on sell through. There is no ambre solaire summer suntan lotion just for men.

been to large boots store and also no amber solaire just for men. May just be a good deal in Ipswich.

Welcome to the forums Timmylad

I have just been also to a large boots store. They had isles and isles of suncream, but no of this - im gutted!

I agree, was probably for the winter sports.

Good spot tho lad!
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