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Damaged box PNY GeForce RTX 3060 Ti XLR8 Graphics Card - £435.43 with code @ eBay / Currys_Clearance

£435.43£53519% off
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Race through the next generation of games with the GeForce RTX 3060 Ti, powered by Ampere, NVIDIA's 2nd gen RTX architecture. Featuring AI performance and enhanced ray tracing as well as a massive 8 GB of memory, it's designed to deliver the ultimate gaming performance.

And because the RTX 3060 Ti is built for streaming, you'll have stutter-free live gaming with improved audio and visuals.

For a powerful performance, you need some powerful cooling. That's why the PNY XLR8 Gaming REVEL Edition Graphics Card features dual fans to stay cool during the most heated matches.

Plays cool, looks cool. Choose from millions of colours and take your gaming setup to the next level with EPIC-X RGB lighting.

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    3060 ti fe is in stock or was £369 earlier.
    or better off paying £100 more for a 70 TI FE if you was to pay this, but still too much even at 369, go pickup a decent priced 6700xt/6800 better perf per watt and more perf.
  2. Avatar
    Horrible price
  3. Avatar
    £439 on ocuk, not much of a deal, esp as damaged box
  4. Avatar
  5. Avatar
    HA HA HA Good luck with that Curry's!
  6. Avatar
    Poor deal.
  7. Avatar
    idk where currys gets some of its prices from in their clearance store
  8. Avatar
    Hm, i would want it to be more like about £350 for a return/damaged box one to be honest,....
  9. Avatar
    Nope, should be way less by now... unfortunately it's the high-end nvidia cards that are getting the biggest cuts, and the value cards will continue to be overall more sought-for.
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  11. Avatar
    My bad, I thought this was a good price but I haven’t looked for about a month lol.
  12. Avatar
    You can buy the official reference 3070 card (right now) for £35 more, from the Nvidia store right now and has been in stock for weeks. Also the 3070 is *FAR* better superior than the 3060ti. There is literally zero point in buying this deal. If you can afford £435, I'm sure you can stretch to £470 over a few days.
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    GPU prices are still so messed up I don't fully know what's a good deal anymore, I landed on looking for a 3080 after waiting for scalping to calm down but at most places it still seems to be £700+
    Me neither, i thought with mining no longer profitable, energy prices going up and next gen GPU's releasing, that by now prices will be at MSRP or below but they are still too high pretty much everywhere... guess my wait continues.
  14. Avatar
    The only ampere cards worth getting are low mid range ones up to 3080. At fe price levels not a dime more
    3060ti founders is on on for £380 with delivery right now and is a good buy even now (edited)
    Personally, I would grab a used 2070 Super for about £250 instead and just wait it out.
  15. Avatar
    You're kidding?
  16. Avatar
    3060 ti FE in stock £369 tonight on the NVidia shop, it's been there for a couple of hours now (edited)
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