Very Rare 14" CRT portable TV (Built in FREEVIEW !!!) - £67.60 delivered

Very Rare 14" CRT portable TV (Built in FREEVIEW !!!) - £67.60 delivered

Found 16th Oct 2006
After much searching for a traditional "portable" tv I manager to find one that actually has FREEVIEW built in. Saves loads of cables, space etc.

LX Direct have the ORION 14" portable with built in freeview reduced from £99.99 to £99.00

Use XX549 to get 10% off this price making it £89.10

then use ZQ4322 to get a further £25 off the price if paying by VISA !!!
(This is a cashback voucher that appears as a credit on card statements)

Brings this down to £64.10.

Delivery was £3.50 so final price delivered was £67.60

This worked for me using an Intelligent Finance VISA not LX Directs own so it appears as long as its VISA the code works.

4.5% cashback through quidco and you are down to about £65 delivered for a built in freeview portable.

I got one and got to say for a non BIG brand it’s a top buy !


Link wasn't working, all sorted now

Well done - I've been saying for ages that it annoys me that the government whine on that lots of people are still buying analogue TVs as the switchover approaches, but it's hard to find smaller and traditional TVs which Freeview built in - not everyone wants or can afford a 40" plasma! Excellent post.

crazy price

For a non brand my daughter has had an orion portable tv for over 10 years and its still going strong.
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