Very upto 50% off make up and beauty products

Very upto 50% off make up and beauty products

Found 13th Dec 2016
Upto 50% off makeup and beauty products plus many many more deals, go have a look for some great deals!


surely your supposed to post the deals or at least an example would be nice, we all get spam email "up to" 50 60 70% off.....

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No I didn't get it through email Hun .. I'll have a look and post an example for you you will have to bear with me though and I will post an example. But I assure you I didn't get the deal through email xx

very has some very good deals on at times but normally with beauty you still get charged more than it is elsewhere

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I am going to post an example shortly for you and very isn't bad tbh. Also to everyone who wants to know the last day of ordering is 23rd to make sure you receive Christmas Eve obviously but some places stop before that so it isn't too bad xx

Some items are still on 3 for 2!

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Yes and there is 30% off all fragrances some great stuff on there I'll find something now to pot as an example. There's so many great deals at the moment xx

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Was £70 NOW £56 great deal head over there whilst there is stuff left as things are hot and going fast ! Xx
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