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Vesta Meals Beef Ristto, Beef Curry, Paella £1.00 each Poundworld
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Vesta Meals Beef Ristto, Beef Curry, Paella £1.00 each Poundworld

Posted 14th Nov 2008Available: National

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Saw these today in poundworld stockton, great price considering about £1.50 in Supermarkets

Sell by date is May 2010.

Hot or Cold dont matter to me.
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Vesta Meals.... mmmmmm... delicious. Voted hot.

Vesta Meals.... mmmmmm... delicious. Voted hot.

They are and quick too, hope it is poundworld its the store along from poundland and opp wilkinsons in stockton.
MMMMMM Poundland always vote hot for Poundland
Sell by date May 2010!!! Are you not slightly concerned about how many preservatives are keeping it together for that long? :shock:
Must drive 200 miles to Stocton..not

I'm starting a campaign for online deals only on HUKD
Got some of these in B&M Bargains - 89p.
Vesta is what i had as a kid.....couldn't afford takeaways lol.....remember the cracker thingys in the chip pan tho hehe
Be carefull when eating these vesta meals as they can drip onto your Tank Top and also stain your Tonic Mohair Flares..................took the gold off my soveriegn ring and really made my sheepskin coat pong.................still,the Brut soon covered up that smell............
wow a retro Curry they must have been the first easy meal just goiing to switch on tv to watch Tiswas !
Hi, why don't Vesta make chicken curry with rice, in the style of dried product in packets, you add water to, and boil and simmer to cook. I used to be able to buy it many years ago, can you answer this, i can't see it in my shops in UK.

regards, Geoff.
Is it possible to buy the crispy noodles that are part of your chow mein meals.
Regards Libby
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