Vestal Blended Potato Vodka, 70 cl - £17.36 (Prime / £22.11 non Prime) @ Amazon

Vestal Blended Potato Vodka, 70 cl - £17.36 (Prime / £22.11 non Prime) @ Amazon

Found 20th Jul 2017
One of the best! And I bought it for £34 not so long ago...

Amazon description:

'Commercial vodkas are becoming increasingly alike. Twice, thrice and even five times distilled before being filtered and then filtered again, vodka has become a neutral, largely tasteless spirit to which you add something. Or served so cold, as a shot, that the only recognisable element is the alcohol. At Vestal Vodka they do things a little differently, harking back to a golden age of Polish vodka; small batch, artisanal, single distillation, full of flavour. Their website even carries the following warning: Once you’ve tasted a Vestal Vodka you’ll probably never want to drink a commercial vodka again!"
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Fort I'd chip in with sum heat op... ordered Ta.
Same price delivered from Masters of Malt. Others on offer too.
Tastes crisp
Still available at this price, why expired?
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