Vestax VCI 400 Pro DJ Controller / Mixer @ DV247 - £299 delivered or instore

Vestax VCI 400 Pro DJ Controller / Mixer @ DV247 - £299 delivered or instore

Found 7th Apr 2015
Vestax VCI 400 DJ Controller £299 incl. delivery vs. £480-629 at other online sellers.

I'm sure this is a good deal at 180 pounds cheaper then other sites and including a 3 year warranty from a decent pro music shop.

Background: I posted a cheap DJ Controller from Behringer for 39 pounds.…632

Got hot as it was a cracking price but quite a few seasoned DJs advised that Behringer is not the best quality and build etc....

Found this Vestax VCI 400 as a genuine Pro option for bedroom DJs that want solid build and quality as a very good price (£299.00 inc delivery)

Excellent reviews tell me it has aluminium knobs and serious outputs. Works with nearly ALL DJ software packages including Tracktor and Virtual DJ etc.

I bought the 39 pound Behringer BCD3000 but I'm posting this for the serious bedroom and Pro DJs on UKHD

Not posting spec and features. Its a pro item so I'm sure you will google and read reviews before purchasing.

Have fun and check out DV247.COM (who I do not work for). More easter deals.
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I've got a vestax 600, build quality wise it's great.
this keeps getting hot then cold.... i guess some like the price and others hate Vestax...
OK - so realise now that Vestax no longer trading... might explain why the knowledgeable UKHD community were reluctant to vote this hot....

i think they made their stuff too good and hence went bust :-(
price back up to £469 ... i knew this was a good deal at 299.

I will expire this now
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