Veuve Clicquot + Ice Jacket, £24.91 @ Morrisons instore

Veuve Clicquot + Ice Jacket, £24.91 @ Morrisons instore

Found 30th Nov 2009Made hot 5th Dec 2009
This is my first deal so please be nice.

Was in my local Morrisons sulking about missing out on the cheap champagne when I thought I'd check the wine isle and saw that my fave champers was reduced from £31.95 to £24.91 and it also has a nice ice jacket that apparently keeps it chilled for 2 hours.

I think it's nationwide but I'm not 100%.

Edit: some info taken from another website:

The perfect alternative to an ice bucket, the Clicquot Ice Jacket comes with a 75cl bottle and fits like a diving suit, keeping the Champagne cold for up to 2 hours.

In their distinctive Clicquot yellow colour, this uniquely constructed neoprene jacket is as soft and as light as a feather with top-stitched seams, leather trimmings and a convenient zipper closure.

Slip the pre-chilled bottle into the chic Clicquot Ice Jacket and enjoy the freedom and elegance of taking your bubbly wherever you go: the beach, a picnic, for a moonlight stroll.



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What's with the facepalm pic?

Seems a good deal for me, you can get it for £25 from places like virgin wines but they dont come with the jacket.

anyone knoiw if this is still on?

Sainsburys are selling it for about £26 a bottle - 25% off if you buy 6 or more. Works out around £20 a bottle

They also have 2002 vintage stuff for about £42. Again, 25% off if you order 6 or more bottles... so around £30 a bottle for a great vintage.

I think you have to get it delivered by Tuesday (also in-store). Just got mine delivered today. :thumbsup:

btw - no cooler jacket on the sainsburys one.

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I'm not sure if this is still on, will try to find out tomorrow as might be going past a store.

Good deal on a great champagne. The jacket indeed keeps the bubbly cold for more than two hours and looks the business!

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Sorry but I think this has expired as I popped into my local one on the way home and they only have the regular on the shelves now.
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