VGA 1-to-2 Splitter Cable £1.80 Delivered @ DealExtreme

VGA 1-to-2 Splitter Cable £1.80 Delivered @ DealExtreme

Found 29th Apr 2008
-1-to-2 splitter
-split one VGA/SVGA port to TWO!
-simultaneously display in 2 LCD/Monitor/Projector or more!
-simple connection for your PC/notebook/Projector/LCD/CRT monitor
-ultilise your old screen/monitor
If you have an extra monitor and dont have any more ports on your graphics card, get it! Now I have a use for my 3rd monitor!


Bear in mind for this that it's only a splitter so it will display the same as the other monitor as it just splits the signal, similar to a headphone jack splitter.

Makes it so you can view the same thing on 2 monitors, though there is not much point to this apart from if you have a laptop displaying to a monitor and you want to project it aswell.

Yeah as mentioned above, would be good for a situation where you have a vga console for example and can have it connected to a LCD tv and projector at the same time so you don't have to swap leads around each time you want the big screen experience

Does this work in reverse too? So that you can have 2 items on vga (obviously at different times) So I dont have to change cables on my projector from 360 to laptop.
Would this work or is it only 1 way?

ive got one of these and it makes your screen a lot dimmer so i dont use it rubbish
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